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21 Unexpected Halloween Decor Items That Aren’t Orange Or Black

Skip the kitschy deocrations this year for something a little out of the blue — literally.

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This year's Halloween decor refreshingly veers away from black and orange in favor of more modern ae...
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Spooky season is officially here, gals and ghouls! It’s time to bid your swimsuits and breezy sundresses adieu and usher in a new era of chunky, cable-knit sweaters and pumpkin-flavored goodies. And, of course, get reacquainted with your collection of Halloween decorations. Or perhaps start a new collection of pink Halloween decor or another unexpected color scheme?

Autumn in and of itself is the best time of year — tied with Christmastime — purely because of the home decor. Homes get transformed into pumpkin patches and haunted houses. The coffee cup you drink out of every day gets replaced with a mug with skeleton hands for handles. It’s literally the best, and that’s not even including the fall-scented candles and fuzzy blankets that will overrun our living rooms for the next three months.

All that aside, you may feel underwhelmed or exhausted by the endless array of kitschy orange and black tchotchkes in stores. There’s nothing wrong with orange pumpkins and black cats, but the black and orange aesthetic is also a little overdone. It’s not as new or exciting as, say, an aqua hand-blown glass pumpkin or a floral skull head.

You’re about to be inundated with bone-shaped candles, cobwebs, and flying ghosts, so why not refresh your Halloween style with something a little unexpected? Perhaps something you won’t find at your neighborhood haunted house party?

1. Ceramic Chinoiserie Pumpkin

This blue and white ceramic pumpkin is so beautiful I might just leave it up year-round! On the back of the sculpture is an opening for a tealight candle as well, so you can cast a spooky glow over your mantel or tablescape.

2. Decorative Haunted House Candle Lantern

The color purple is awesome because it blends into the Halloween aesthetic without being overtly obvious. Plus, this purple candle lantern doubles as a nightlight for the kids.

3. Celestial Cheese Board

Leave it to Anthropologie to find a way to marry my obsession with astrology and Halloween, all while maintaining a sleek and modern aesthetic, too. This is a piece I’ll continue to use even once October is over.

4. Artoid Mode Pumpkins Fall Table Runner

Spoiler alert: You can still bask in all your pumpkin-patterned glory without succumbing to the traditional hues of Halloween. And with a color like blue, you can leave this table runner out through Thanksgiving.

5. Hey Boo Round Pillow

ICYMI, Michaels has an entire “Sweet & Spooky” collection this year that TikTok has lost its collective mind over. This adorable Hey Boo pillow shows off the line’s signature color palette of pastel pinks and purples.

6. Aesthetic Boho Halloween Art Prints

Looking for a cute, easy way to add some boho flair to your Halloween decor this year? These unframed 8” x 10” prints just beg to be turned into a gallery wall.

7. Glass and Metal Skeleton Hand Cocktail Shaker

Invite your gals and ghouls over this October for a Halloween-themed cocktail-making class — you’ll be stirring, muddling, and shaking in style.

8. 24-Ounce Halloween Ghost Cups

Look cool while sipping on your iced pumpkin cold brew thanks to this adorable ghost-designed cup. Each order comes with four jars along with bamboo lids, straws, and a special straw brush.

9. Flowers on Skull Head

Between blood-splattered tablecloths and life-size yard figurines, Halloween decorations can be quite ghastly and dark. If you’re in the market for something a little more cheery, swap in this colorful skull head instead.

10. Set of 16 Faux Assorted Velvet Pink Pumpkins

Not ready to let go of your Barbie era just yet? Barbiefy your home with a variety pack of velvet pumpkins, ranging in size and different shades of pink. Sprinkle them around your real-life Barbie dreamhouse, from the living room to the kitchen table and beyond.

11. Glass Metal Hand Soap Pump

Transforming your bathroom or kitchen into a haunted house can be as easy as introducing a festive yet minimalistic hand soap dispenser.

12. Serpentine Wine Bottle Holder

This one-of-a-kind wine bottle display is made from hand-painted marble and features serpent motifs made of cast brass. If you like boujee holiday decor, look no further.

13. Pink Broom Wall Sign

Another gem from Michaels’ Sweet & Spooky collection, this pink, purple, and black wall sign would pop perfectly over a doorway.

14. Hand-Blown Blue Glitter Glass Pumpkin

It’s elegant, classy, and timeless. Who knew blue Halloween decor could look so cute?

15. 2-Pack Metal Hand Double Old Fashioned Glasses

Looking to make an eerie statement at your next dinner party? Serve drinks in a glass with a 3D skeleton motif. These bone-chilling glasses are typically reserved for old fashioneds, but we’ll be using them for water, soda, and other iced beverages all October long.

16. 10-Piece Long Artificial Jasmine Flowers

Skip the dried pampas and artificial berry stems for a bouquet of faux purple jasmine branches. It’s another way to tie in a traditional adjacent Halloween color that doesn’t stare you right in the face.

17. Wood Curled Pumpkin

You’re probably used to seeing pumpkins dressed in black, orange, and white, or a combination of all the above. Switch things up this season (and incorporate a new fall color) with this olive wood curled pumpkin from HomeGoods.

18. Purple Flameless Candles

Black candles are classic, sure. But these purple flameless candles? They’re bringing all the cool spooky vibes. Thanks to flame-simulation technology, this LED set flashes and dances like flame candles without the hassle of wax, smoke, and soot.

19. LED Skeleton Wall Light

Cast a pink glow over your space with this LED skeleton light! Hang it on the wall or prop it on the shelf — either way, you’ve got a conversation starter that instantly livens up your Halloween decor scheme.

20. Vintage Green Foam Pumpkins

If you love the cottagecore aesthetic, this set of mini green faux pumpkins should be an instant “add to cart.”

21. Ceramic Mummy Mixing Bowl Set

Similar to purple, green is a color commonly associated with Halloween (thanks to Frankenstein) — but not one that is oversaturated like orange or black. Aside from all your baking festivities this spooky season, you can use the mummy bowl to house candy and even fruit!

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