The Audacity!

Two High School Teachers Share The Mean Things Their Students Have Said To Them, & Ouch

So... it turns out our kids are giant a-holes to their teachers.

High school teachers share the mean things students have said to them in a now-viral video.

If you've ever thought to yourself, I could never be a teacher, well, prepare to double down. Once you watch the now-viral clip of two educators sharing some of the downright ruthless things their high school students have said to them in real life, you will undoubtedly come to the same conclusion as the clip's millions of other viewers: Teachers are a special breed.

Seated next to a colleague, California high school teacher Alissa (@teachinginstyle14) begins, "Here are some mean things our high school students have said to us." You might think that would be enough warning to mentally brace yourself for what's coming. But as Alissa accurately notes in the video's caption, "Nothing prepares you for the audacity that high schoolers have."

Alissa kicks off the roast with a laugh, revealing, "A kid looked me dead in the eyes and said, 'It makes sense why you're not married.'"

Her work bestie joins in, saying, "At the end of every class, I ask my students what they're grateful for. Most students say things like, 'you,' or 'my mom,' or 'the sun.' Every day, this student says, 'I'm grateful I get to leave this room.'"

"One time, a kid told me that he hopes I get hit by a bus," continues Alissa. And, tbh, it's a little ironic that she looks like Reneé Rapp because the comment is definitely giving Mean Girls.

"This wasn't said to my face, but a photo of my shoes that I wear every day to work ended up on a hate account where they got rated 1 out of 5," said Alissa's colleague, causing them both to crack up.

(In a later video, they revealed that the sneakers were classic checkered Vans, once again proving Gen Z has questionable taste.)

Her colleague also shares, "When showing one of my students a wedding dress I was really excited to purchase, they said, 'No offense. This is giving more bridesmaid than bride.'" Maybe the student thought the teacher could do better and was trying to encourage her?

Not surprisingly, this isn't the only comment lobbed at the teachers about their fashion choices. In a "Part 2" video the pair posted after the original went viral, Alissa says, "I came to school wearing these really cute black overalls and a beanie, and I was, like, walking out on campus, and a student stopped me and yelled, 'You look like a Smurfette!'"

Alissa and her colleague aren't alone, of course. Other educators chimed in with comments from their own students.

"A student looked at me and unprompted said, 'You look like your favorite food is soup,'" said @jennifer.

"I revealed I had a boyfriend and one student goes, 'Wow, I didn't see you as a loveable person,'" commented @Matilda.

"I have a ... student who is an amazing artist, so I asked her to draw me. She said, 'OK, but I'm gonna have to draw you 'young' because I'm not good at wrinkles,'" shared @bustedcanofbiscuits.

Phew, these are brutal! A little funny, sure, but ouch. Just remember that there's less, erm, humbling content on the parenting side of TikTok, too. There's the librarian who makes book recommendations, fixes old books, and uses donations to help kids buy things at the book fair. There's also Mychal the Librarian who just loves to share his "library joy" with the world, and a teacher who shares a Spotify playlist with her students.

But it's also important to stumble across videos like Alissa's that remind us teachers — the good ones — are godd*mn saints. Plus, if you thought these new generations had evolved past this sort of pettiness, nope! Kids are still mean. Their insults might be getting more creative and a bit funnier, but at the end of the day, those comments still cut.

So, let's all do our part not to raise a-holes. And someone, anyone, pay these teachers what they deserve.