Wedding Vows Gone Wrong

A Husband Is Wearing His Wedding Ring As A Necklace — And His Wife Is Not Pleased

The man confessed on Reddit that he hated the feeling of wearing a ring but still wanted to honor their marriage.

A newlywed asked Reddit users if he was in the wrong for turning his wedding ring into a necklace wi...
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A man is turning to the internet for advice after receiving a less than enthusiastic response from his wife when he showed her that he has turned his wedding ring into a necklace. Is he in the wrong? Is she justified in being upset? Reddit is torn on the issue.

He starts off explaining that they are young newlyweds who have had a tough first year of marriage, not exactly pertaining to their marriage itself, but just outside stuff in life that has been challenging. Despite a tough first year, he says they are strong and know how to handle conflict as a team.

“I (27) have been married to my wife (f26) for 11 months now. It’s been a good first year with ups and downs but that has more to do with outside events. We’re pretty strong and we usually know how to deal with disagreements,” he prefaces.

He then goes on to write that he loves his wife and enjoys being married, however, he does not love wearing a wedding ring. He confessed this to his sister who came up with a solution to take the ring and convert it into a necklace by simply putting the ring on a chain that he could wear around his neck. That way, he could still have a piece of jewelry to wear everyday that honors is marriage but isn’t uncomfortable for him to wear.

When he showed the new piece of jewelry to his wife, she was less than thrilled, but not about the ring alterations. Rather, she’s accusing him of “hiding” the ring and therefore the fact that he’s a married man.

“When I showed my wife the necklace she had a weird reaction. She told me that she thinks it’s cute but she thinks it’s weird that I’m hiding the ring. The thing is I’m not hiding the ring because I’ll usually wear it outside my shirt. She also said I should’ve asked before I went and paid my sister to do that for me. I told her that the last thing I would do is to be unfaithful to her and that this has more to do with comfort. I feel like this is such a non issue but I could be wrong,” he wrote.

So, is this guy the a-hole? The responses are mixed.

One Reddit user wrote that he was kind of the a-hole while also helping the OP come up with a compromise. “Kinda YTA ... I feel you on the hating rings thing. Tell her you'll wear a silicone ring on that finger or something as well as the necklace,” they wrote. “ ... Traditionally rings are to be worn not necklaces and its reasonable for her to expect you to wear your ring ... wearing the ring tells everyone ‘hey im married’ wearing a necklace doesn't say shit so she's not wrong to think you're trying to hide it.”

It seems like the mistake was, as it is in so many cases, not communicating openly with his partner about what he was feeling and what he was doing.

Another supported the husband and decided that he wasn’t the a-hole for not wanting to wear the wring, citing her own marriage. “My husband and I have been married for 8 years. I never wear my rings and haven’t in a long time ... Neither of us is bothered what the other does with their ring. We are secure in our marriage and know we don’t need to wear a ring to know we are married. NTA but is your wife feeling insecure about something?” they asked.

Hopefully these newlyweds can come to a compromise that makes them both happy and feeling secure.