I Never Thought I'd Say This, But I'm in Love With My Feet

Amopé's line of innovative skin-care products make it easy to keep my feet in sandal-ready shape.

by Deanna Pai
woman wearing yellow sandals with her feet by a pool
Shuttershock/Kaspars Grinvalds

Choosing to wear sandals can require some calculation. Toes polished? Calluses smoothed? Not a hint of dry skin to be found? Then sandals are a go. That’s because feet aren’t exactly cute, per se. They’re more workhorses than anything — in charge of transporting us around, running errands, and offering balance. And that doesn’t even involve what we put on them. Seriously: What other part of the body would you submit to blisters, bumps, and bunions in the name of breaking in a pair of shoes?

All this to say: My feet endure fairly constant abuse, whether I’m walking miles through the city in flats or wrangling them into high heels for a friend’s wedding. And that’s where Amopé comes in. The brand specializes in products that make feet a little more form than function (think exfoliating foot files and nourishing foot masks), so that they’re actually nice to look at.

That’s good news for me, a person who has neither the time nor the patience to sit through a pedicure — hell, by the time we get to the cuticle-pushing portion, I’m usually ready to run. So, I’m basically a pro at the DIY pedi, even if I don’t exactly have all the tools or skills on hand. I’m usually working with a set of nail clippers and maybe a manual foot file, if I can find it.

Incidentally, that makes me the perfect candidate for the brand’s best-selling Pedi Perfect Advanced Electronic Foot File, a handy cordless device that’s ergonomically designed to smooth the hard, tough foot skin with micro-abrasive particles (made from diamond crystals that have been finely ground, casual) and a 360-degree rotating head. It features dual speeds to let you customize your exfoliating experience, and I went with the extra-coarse file, which is heavy-duty enough to take down the ultra-dry, stubborn layers of skin most of us have on our heels. It conveniently comes with four AA batteries, and you also snag Pedi Perfect file refills, too, to see your feet through September.

I decided to try the electric file before hopping in the shower, starting on the first, slower setting for my sole. The roller head physically buffed away the tough skin on the soles and sides of my feet, revealing new, soft, healthy skin beneath. Then, to tackle my heels, I bumped it up to the second setting, where it visibly smoothed my heels in a matter of seconds. (It’s a huge upgrade from manual foot files, which require a level of upper-body strength that I just do not possess.)

After I showered, I slipped my freshly exfoliated feet into the Pedimask 20-Minute Foot Mask. I opted for the one with lavender oil because it sounded soothing and spa-like. The masks are shaped like socks to avoid a mess, and fit snugly without any awkward gaps. After 20 minutes, I pulled them off and massaged the rest of the cream into my feet — which were decidedly softer, smoother, and dare I say, almost.... pretty? They even smelled good. It was as though I’d gotten the first half of a professional spa pedicure without having to leave my home.

It’s safe to say Amopé’s products have changed my sandal game for the summer, all without having to schlep to a salon, for which I’m supremely grateful. Oh, and I’m not the only one who benefits. If you need me, I’ll be lying in wait for my husband — whose flip-flops I tossed as a courtesy to the public — so I can tackle him with my new arsenal of foot-perfectors. (It’s cool, he’ll thank me later.)

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