This Aussie Hair Growth Supplement Has Fans Saying It “Literally Saved My Hair” — & It’s 15% Off Now

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Aussie hair growth supplement HAIR + ENERGY Formula pills by JSHEALTH
JS Health Vitamins

After the birth of my son, I was losing what felt like an excessive amount of hair. I started dreading the mere act of shampooing, because I knew I’d lose clumps of hair in the process. And picking up a hairbrush — totally stress-inducing. My doctor explained that it was normal and that my hair would eventually get back into a growth cycle. Which it did. Until I got hit with the dreaded virus this winter, and now I’m back to shedding hair. Needless to say, I’ve done my fair share of research on remedies for hair loss. That’s why I was excited to learn about JSHealth Hair + Energy hair growth supplement, an Aussie-made vitamin that has racked up thousands of glowing reviews online.

As the name implies, JSHealth Hair + Energy formula is formulated to help your mane grow stronger and give you a boost in the energy department, but it also promotes nail and skin health, thyroid function, and metabolism.

Fast Facts

  • Product: JSHealth Vitamins Hair + Energy Formula
  • Regular Price: $29.99
  • Quantity: 60 capsules
  • Specs: Vegan-Friendly, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Non-GMO, Nut-Free, Sugar-Free
  • Active Ingredients: Zinc, Iodine, and the brand’s proprietary JSHealth Kelp Complex
  • What else is in the line: The brand sells supplements for a range of needs, including Skin & Digestion and Hair & Libido, as well as bundles like the Glow Bundle for glowing skin and a healthy gut, and a Sweet Dreams Bundle for better sleep and anxiety support.

How Does It Work?

JSHealth Hair + Energy has a pretty robust formula that has fans saying their hair feels thicker, healthier, shinier, and even faster-growing. And, according to JSHealth, you can expect to see results in as little as 4 to 8 weeks. But how does it work? Here’s a closer look at what each of the active ingredients is bringing to the table:

  • Zinc: If there’s one ingredient that I’ve come across time and time again on my quest for a thicker head of hair, it’s zinc. Zinc is a trace mineral known for helping your body maintain balance across so many different functions, including hair and skin health.
  • Iodine: If you’re like me, the only time you think of iodine is when you reach for an iodized salt bottle. But it turns out, iodine deficiency is the most common deficiency after iron, and it’s a mineral that plays a key role in thyroid function — which ultimately can affect hair health and growth, as well as energy levels.
  • JSHealth Kelp Complex: This is a proprietary blend that contains two kinds of kelp sustainably sourced from the shores of Nova Scotia and Brittany. According to the brand, the complex is rich in fucoidan and marine polyphenols, both of which have been found to promote the hair growth cycle. Plus, kelp is also a natural source of iodine.

Note: Because both zinc and iodine do come with upper intake limits, it’s always best to talk to your doctor before starting a supplement.

What Fans Are Saying

Maybe you’ve already seen this supplement all over TikTok or in an influencer’s feed on Instagram. It’s certainly got some buzz around it, but what I was really struck by was the nearly 5,000+ verified reviews on the brand’s site specifically for the Hair + Energy formula. I sorted the reviews to view only the ones that included an image, and wow, there were some very convincing hair transformations. Here are just a handful of those reviews:

“My hair was thinning terribly and I was ready to get a hair transplant[. ]The results are great , I still have a way to go but it’s a vast improvement” -Michelle D.

“I can’t stop recommending these tablets to everyone!! They have made such a difference in my hair, my only regret is not taking them earlier. I’m in my 40s and my hair was thinning and breaking, now it’s getting thicker and growing at a rate it never has before! Thank you I’m forever greatful [sic] as I have tried many things and this is the only thing that has worked” -Tanya A.

“I’ve been taking JSHEALTH hair & energy vitamins for around 2 years and wouldn’t go a day without it! Along with better haircare products I think this has been a miracle worker for my long hair. I definitely recommend trying JSHEALTH hair and energy long-term to see excellent results.” -Emma W.

“My hair was the healthiest it has ever been! I suffer from very dry hair and very low energy. I barely ever want to do anything. But I take my hair vitamin every morning and it peps me up. My hair has grown quicker than ever and it’s been so shiny and healthy” -Chelsi V.

More About JSHealth

JSHealth was founded by Jessica Sepel, a clinical nutritionist and bestselling health author, who wanted to create natural, sustainably sourced, and research-backed vitamin formulas so that everyone could experience the transformational effects that she witnessed with her own patients.

Not surprisingly, the Hair + Energy supplement is the line’s bestselling formula, but several other supplement blends have amassed something of a cult following too.

The Skin + Digestion formula promises to help your skin “from the inside out”; it contains a blend of vitamin B2, vitamin C, zinc, burdock, aloe vera, and turmeric to target acne and mild eczema or dermatitis. It also helps promote the production of collagen and gastrointestinal health.

One reviewer raved, “My skin always goes through stages of breaking out (especially during the change in seasons) but after taking a selfie the other day I never really noticed how drastic the changes have been (I honestly thought there was a filter on the photo!!!).”

The Detox + Debloat formula is designed to reduce digestive discomfort and abdominal bloat, plus aid liver function for cleansing detoxification. It’s formulated with fennel, turmeric, and milk thistle. One shopper reported, “Feels so great not be be bloated every time I eat!! Truly amazing!”

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