Lego Locas, Unite

Lego Is Officially (Finally!) Making A Twilight Set

This is the house of a killer, Bella.

While many people have a love-hate relationship with the Twilight movies, one thing has never come into question: The Cullen family's ultra-modern home in the woods of Forks, Washington, is one of the dreamiest houses ever to grace our screens. And soon, thanks to one creative fan's vision, you can have your very own "replica" — made of Legos, that is.

If you've been wondering, "Where the hell have you been, Loca?" in regards to a Twilight-themed Lego set, you're not alone. Since the release of the book series and subsequent movies, Twihards have been campaigning for Lego adaptations featuring their favorite characters (and places) from Stephenie Meyer's supernatural universe. Finally, that wish is coming true.

On Dec. 19, Lego revealed its first Lego Ideas 2023 review results, showcasing seven fan creations currently in development. If you guessed the Cullen house from Twilight was included, you'd be right.

Each year, Lego holds a competition in which Lego fanatics or "creators" can submit their own ideas for sets. Although thousands of submissions roll in, only proposed sets that reach 10,000 supporters make it to the finalist round. From there, Lego spends months poring over the final designs to determine which fan-built sets deserve commercial release.

This year, after years and years of waiting, Twihards are finally getting the build they've thirsted for. Submitted by fan designer Nick Micheels (aka LobsterThermidor), the Cullen Home features nods to the rest of the movie, like a baseball bat and glove in the garage and graduation cap art on the wall. He even built a Lego brick wolf to stalk the house and a few minifigs of the Cullens and Bella.

How did we get here? It's basically the stuff of lore.

In an interview with the 10K Club (Lego's Blog), Micheels said, like many people, he wasn't a Twilight fan when he was younger but became a Twihard as an adult. It seemed only natural then to combine his two loves: Twilight and Lego. From Carlisle's in-home examination room to Edward's piano, Micheels left no stone unturned. Every room in the home is perfectly designed to replicate the set or pay ironic tribute to the sometimes-cringe but oh-so-good film.

Of course, the commercially produced Twilight: Cullen House may not be as intricate or as full of little inside jokes as Micheels' build, but it will certainly be just as cool. One thing you should expect to carry over from both the Ideas submission and the final product? No beds! Everyone knows vampires don't sleep, Bella. Duh.

Although the set doesn't yet have a retail price or release date, it seems as though fans are willing to shell out for it whenever it hits shelves.

"I was always fighting with my husband about his Lego collections and why he needs so many. But now I want this for me!!! Can't wait! So excited!" one commenter wrote on Micheels' product idea page.

"Wow, so stunning! I'm thrilled to see how the Ideas Set will turn out!" gushed another.

If Cullen House does well, this could be our chance to finally have more Twilight Lego builds. So, what other sets would we like?

  • The truck crash at school
  • The Swan Home (at least Bella's bedroom)
  • Thunderstorm baseball, with baseball "uniform" minifigs
  • Sparkly, sunlit versions of all the vampires
  • Volturi castle, complete with Volturi

It's been over a decade since the final Twilight movie, Breaking Dawn, was released. Since then, original Twilight author Stephenie Meyer has released another book, the long-awaited Midnight Sun — Edward's story. And there have even been rumors (ALREADY!) about a movie remake. But there's no way another film could possibly compete with the awkwardly wonderful original series. Why even try?

Let's just play with Legos and rewatch the originals. OK, spider monkey?