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101 Leprechaun Names For Your St. Patrick’s Day Shenanigans

Ideal for a St. Paddy’s Day “Elf on the Shelf” situation.

Written by Brianne Hogan
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Celebrating St. Patrick's Day with kids might mean coming up with leprechaun names for the fun and g...
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Come March 17, aka St. Patrick's Day, everyone becomes a little bit Irish. Leprechauns are a beloved part of Irish lore (you know, except for that hilariously bad '90s movie starring Jennifer Aniston). Why should you care about these diminutive mythical creatures? If you're a parent, well, c'mon, we're all gluttons for punishment here. You've probably gotten roped into gifting your kid a St. Patrick's Day version of Elf on the Shelf. Or, if the luck of the Irish is on your side this year, maybe you just want to surprise your kid on St. Patrick's Day with a leprechaun stuffie. Either way, here you are, on the hunt for leprechaun names to use.

Let's start with a bit of backstory to go with your leprechaun shenanigans. While they're mostly known as tiny cobblers now, leprechauns have historically been depicted as part of the fairy family. Stories about these small magical creatures started around the eighth century among the Celtics. Like most mystical creatures, leprechauns are rumored to be a little shy and are known to hide from the world by living in hollow tree trunks or small underground caves. Their small hiding places make sense, considering their name comes from the word luchorpán, which means "small body" — folklore suggests they're just two to three feet tall. Leprechauns are also associated with the term leath bhrogan, which means "shoemaker." Somehow this profession allows them pots of gold. Um, maybe we should all be tiny shoemakers in Ireland?

Here are some fun leprechaun names to kick off your top o' the morning on March 17. You can choose one name or put two together — even three. There are no rules here. We're talking about leprechauns, for shamrock's sake.

Whimsical & Fun Leprechaun Names

  1. Alby
  2. Apple
  3. Aodh
  4. Baloobas
  5. Bajaxed
  6. Bailey
  7. Biddy
  8. Big Nose
  9. Blarney
  10. Bree
  11. Brianna
  12. Brogan
  13. Byrne
  14. Caibre
  15. Casey
  16. Catriona
  17. Ciara
  18. Colin
  19. Connall
  20. Clover
  21. Corned Beef Pot O'Gold
  22. Culkin
  23. Cabbage
  24. Carrot
  25. Celtic
  26. Cheery
  27. Daffodil McDoodles
  28. Donovan
  29. Emerald
  30. Fergus
  31. Fiddles
  32. Flannery
  33. Fiona
  34. Fitzpatrick
  35. Fluffernuffer O'Callaghan
  36. Fortune
  37. Freckles McHoran
  38. Gaelic McStout
  39. Ginger
  40. Goldie
  41. Greenknickers
  42. Greentooth
  43. Greenie McNugget
  44. Guinness
  45. Happy Dancyfeet
  46. Hairy O'Gold
  47. Leaf
  48. Lucky Charm
  49. Lucky Cloverhopper
  50. Magic O'Looney
  51. Moneybags
  52. Mischievous McIreland
  53. McCharmless
  54. McCoppertop
  55. McCorn
  56. McGinger
  57. McIrish
  58. McTavern
  59. MacDermott
  60. Mackenna
  61. Madden
  62. Mannix
  63. McGee
  64. McJig
  65. McMurphy
  66. McRainbow
  67. Moira
  68. Neve
  69. Nora
  70. Full O'Charm
  71. O'Cranky
  72. O'Gratin
  73. O'Lucky
  74. O'Reilly
  75. O'Shea
  76. Patrick O'Pal
  77. Potfiller
  78. Potluck
  79. Reilly
  80. Rian
  81. Riverdance McGold
  82. Rainbow
  83. Quinn
  84. Spudsy
  85. Sneaky Luckleaf
  86. Shamrock
  87. Shenanigan
  88. Shorty
  89. Shortlegs
  90. Sloane
  91. Stout
  92. Stumpy O’Lyn
  93. Sorcha
  94. Sweeney
  95. Thunderous McTurnips
  96. Tim O'Taters
  97. Tiny Twinkletoes
  98. Toadstool McFearsome
  99. Warty O'Wobbles
  100. Weebit Cabbageleaf
  101. Wee Willy

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