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Kudos! Your Kid Will Thank You For Introducing These Easy Letter K Crafts

They’ll love these kooky crafts.

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Letter learning is an important milestone during the toddler and preschool years. Experts say it’s best to teach the alphabet incrementally through engaging activities that provide a multi-sensory experience — that might mean drawing letters in shaving cream or playing with foam letters in the bathtub. Other ideas include playing ABC hopscotch in the driveway or gluing macaroni noodles in the shape of letters. Our letter of the day? K! If you’ve reached this lesson in your letter-learning studies, you’ll be happy to know that there are plenty of letter K crafts for little ones that you can do with paper, scissors, glue, and crayons. As long as you keep your art cabinet stocked with a few basic supplies, you’re all set.

Want to learn more about teaching kids their letters? Here are a few quick tips.

  • Read together often. It doesn’t need to be complicated. Reading to your kids for 10 to 15 minutes a day adds up over time. This effort makes a huge difference in a child’s reading ability later in life.
  • Incorporate letter learning into everyday activities. Point out letters and words as you go about your day — on the back of the cereal box, signs at the store, and captions on the TV. Getting kids to recognize letters and words all around them is a huge step in the learning-to-read process.
  • Don’t push your child to learn before they’re ready. If you try to sit them down to do a letter activity and they resist, it’s OK.
  • Back off and try again later. They’ll be more receptive to learning if they’re relaxed and engaged.

Now that we’ve covered a few basic points for teaching kids the alphabet, let’s get to the letter K crafts. Here we go.

Easy Letter K Crafts for Toddlers and Preschoolers

1. K is for Kite — All Kids Network

Did you know that the world record for the longest flying kite is 180 hours? Yep. Pretty impressive! While your paper-crafted kite may not give you the same (or any, let’s be real) air time, it’s still a fun activity to do with the kids. Learn about the letter K with All Kids Network on YouTube.

2. K is for King — eHow Arts and Crafts

Known for their easy-to-follow tutorials, eHow has an engaging YouTube channel with alphabet activities for kids. In this particular video, your little one will learn all about the letter K while crafting a construction paper king. You might say have a royally good time with this one (sorry, couldn’t resist).

3. How to Make a Kite — Kids Activities

Kite flying is a popular sport all around the world. It’s an activity that’s been around for thousands of years. As a matter of fact, kites were the first objects to be flown in the air and may have been the inspiration for airplanes as we know them today. Teach kids about the letter K with this kite activity tutorial on YouTube.

4. Letter K Song — Have Fun Teaching

Music is an art form, and there’s no better way to teach kids the alphabet than through song. Let them sing and dance along to the “Letter K Song” by Have Fun Teaching on YouTube. When they’ve gotten their wiggles out, give them some crayons and let them practice writing the letter K on poster board. You can hang up their rainbow letter K poster on the wall along with any other K crafts you do together.

5. How to Draw a Koala Bear — Art For Kids Hub

Koala bears are, in fact, not bears at all. They are marsupials. Native to Australia, these cuddly creatures are known for hanging out in trees and coming out to play at night (because they’re nocturnal — which is a fun vocab word to teach the kiddos!). Mix science, art, and reading with this fun how-to from Art For Kids Hub on YouTube.

6. How to Draw a Kitten — Draw So Cute

Speaking of art, Draw So Cute brings us a super simple video tutorial teaching kids how to draw a kitten. Learning about the letter K is so much fun when you’re crafting something as adorable as a snuggly baby cat. When your little one finishes their drawing, make sure you display it proudly on the fridge!

7. Easy Origami Kitten — Craft Haven

Want to craft a kitten in 3D? If so, check out this origami how-to from Craft Haven. Your kiddo may need help, but folded paper crafts are an awesome way to encourage fine motor development and have something fun to show for it when you’re through. Learn about the letter K with this video tutorial on YouTube.

8. How to Draw a Kangaroo — Art For Kids Hub

Kangaroos come from an animal family called macropods. Macropod means “large foot.” Other macropods include wallabies and wallaroos! Hop on over to this YouTube drawing tutorial from Art For Kids Hub and learn about the letter K while drawing a kangaroo with our favorite parent/child crafting duo on the internet.

9. How to Make a Kazoo

Blowing a kazoo is a rite of passage for kids. And do you know what’s better than giving your little one a kazoo? Helping them make their own! All you need are two tongue depressors, plastic straws, scissors, glue, markers, and decorations. Once they’ve finished their creation, you and your little one can start your very own kazoo kid band!

10. Karate Sticks

Help your child unleash their inner karate kid! Using construction paper, glue, and tape, help your kids create child-safe karate sticks. Not only will they get a kick out of them, but they can flip their little paper creation around without you worrying about them hurting themselves or others. (This will also be a great time to introduce them to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!)

11. Let's Make a Kite

Flying kites are one of the perks of summer. So help your kiddo reach new heights, figuratively and physically, by making one together. You'll need two sturdy lightweight sticks, string, glue, scissors, a plastic bag, a ruler, marker, cloth, and ribbon. Once you've built everything, take it for a spin and watch your child's excitement and kite soar!

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