The Best Arts & Crafts Kits For Kids in 2021, According To Mom

11 Arts & Crafts Kits And Ideas That Will Keep Kids Busy (God Willing)

April 29, 2020 Updated September 13, 2021

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Spending tons of time at home means needing to find tons of ways to keep your kids busy. When school isn’t in session and regular activities are on hold, busting out fun craft kits for kids can help to save everyone’s sanity. They can get creative, you can potentially get ten minutes for a phone call (or a shower)— everybody wins!

We’re not just talking about construction paper and crayons, either— though, of course, classic arts and crafts never go out of style. Today’s craft kits for kids include everything from scrapbooking and slime-making to pottery painting, jewelry-making, and knitting. Your little one can make some awesome refrigerator art or your tween can design and create a line of accessories; no matter their interests or skill levels, there’s an art kit for kids to get crafty at any age. Even better? Most come with the necessary materials for making a masterpiece— your kid just provides the imagination.

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Not sure which kit is right for your kiddo? Understandable, there are quite a few options. To help simplify the selection, we narrowed down some of the best craft kits for kids available online now. Whether your little one, or not-so-little one, is into dragons or loves princesses, we think you’ll find something ahead to get his or her creative juices flowing!

Best Arts & Crafts Kits for Kids Under 8:

Crayola Dreamworks Trolls Glitter Scrapbook Kit

What’s better than a fully-stocked art kit for kids? A Trolls-themed art kit for kids, obviously. This one-stop-shop set takes coloring to the next level, including 48 crayons, 12 mini colored pencils, 15 markers, glitter glue, scrapbook paper, coloring pages, glitter stickers, and a pencil sharpener–everything your kiddo needs to create their next work of art. It’s non-toxic and also portable, so your petite, Trolls-obsessed Picasso can move his or her studio anywhere in the house when inspiration strikes (“Can’t stop the feeling,” right?). Parents and grandparents alike sing the praises of this art supply set: “Love love love this set. Perfect for my arts and crafts child!” said one, while another raved, “Great gift for grandkids while staying at home. Lots to do to keep them active.” Music to our ears!


Delta Children Chelsea Double-Sided Storage Easel

This isn’t a regular easel, it’s a cool easel: For kids ages three and up, this two-sided easel offers three drawing surfaces including a chalkboard, a magnetic dry-erase whiteboard, and a pull-down paper roll. It comes with alphabet magnets and two storage bins for supplies, toys, and more, so your little artiste has all the necessities at his or her fingertips. Speaking of fingertips— painting, drawing, and coloring help encourage fine motor skills–an added bonus to all the masterpieces you’re sure to receive. Another plus? The sturdy wood construction and neutral colors ensure it will blend fairly easily with your decor. Customers rave about the quality and look, with reviews including notes like, “It looks nice and I love the storage bins. Highly recommend!” and  “Being it’s not a big plastic easel nor an ugly wood color, it lives nicely in our living room while not making an eye sore to the rest of the room.” Sounds good to us.

$59.99 AT AMAZON

Zen Laboratory Jumbo Slime Kit

For better or worse, slime is here to stay, so if you’re looking for craft kits for kids that will keep them interested, it’s time to just embrace the ooze. This jumbo slime making kit comes with everything you need to make great goops: 18 different colored slimes, 12 vials of colored glitter, three bags of beads, as well as sugar paper, plastic straws, cutting shaping utensils, and foam balls. WHEW. Slime ingredients are non-toxic, eco-friendly, and borax-free, for those concerned about chemicals. Plus, the slime is ready-made, minimizing the mess–it’s no wonder this kit has a 4.7 rating out of over 2,500 reviews! As one happy shopper put it, “For the price I should have bought 100 of these. The set is incredible and there are endless options. It’s been over a month in quarantine and we’ve only used half the box.” Getting bang for your buck and keeping the kids occupied? Excuse us while we add to cart ASAP.


Tara Toy Disney Princess Necklace Activity Set

For littles who have been obsessively watching Disney+, and also like to accessorize, this make-your-own necklace set is the gift that keeps on giving. An easy craft kit for kids as young as three, it comes with everything needed to design–and redesign–the perfect necklace: beads sized for teeny hands, charms in the shapes of beloved Disney heroines, silicone string, and a plastic carrying case in which to keep it all. Your budding designer can easily mix and match beads and charms, sliding them on and off as she or he sees fit to create different looks, because fashion. As a reviewer summed it up, “I was so happy that I did not have to deal with tears or cries of frustration due to the beads falling off over and over again. So many times with younger kids these beading projects will lead to a meltdown but this one is so cleverly designed-it’s truly a perfect project to have a good, crafty time with your little darling. We had a great time making our necklaces and I am planning on getting another set for her and her friends to do as a birthday party project!”


Made By Me Create Your Own Window Art

What fun is creating art if you can’t share it? With this suncatcher craft kit for kids, yours can spread the love to the whole neighborhood: Just color in the shapes provided and attach them to the window with cords and suction cups or make custom transfers that cling directly to the window. Either way, with cheerful designs that include a rainbow, hot air balloon, butterfly, and more, this art kit offers a screen-free activity that will have your kids feeling connected to their neighbors and keep them occupied–who couldn’t use a little more of that? Plus, refills are available for purchase to keep the fun going! One reviewer raved, “This was so great! Kept the kids entertained for a full week,” while another noted, “My 4 year old doesn’t love crafts but he wasn’t ready to stop with this one.” Creativity, connection, and maybe even a little quiet time? Oh hell, yes.

$17.30 AT AMAZON

Best Arts & Crafts Kits for Kids 8+:

Sculpd Pottery Kit

Here’s a craft even you will want to get in on, Mama. This Scupld Pottery Kit makes creating pottery at home so easy a kid can do it! (hence it’s addition to this list). With this kit, your LO will get everything they need to create anything their little heart desires. It includes, 2 packs of air-dry clay, wooden carving tools, waterproof paint, 2 paint brushes, and a sponge for smoothing. From a bowl, a planter, and mug, a jewelry dish, and more — the possibilities are endless with Sculpd.


SewSquad Racer Dress Pattern

Kiddish arts and craft kits aren’t gonna cut it for your tween or teen, but these craft kits for kids aspiring to be fashion designers or stylists might actually hold their attention–and get them off their phones (hallelujah). Industry veteran Zoey Washington wanted to make sewing fun–and cool–for a new generation, so she created a line of beginner-friendly kits with stylish, easy sewing patterns: no machine required. Each kit includes a simple pattern, measuring tape, as well as a trend report with styling ideas, sewing basics, and instructions for what to do with the leftover scraps (eco-chic!). You provide the needle, thread, and scissors, as well as the fabric, which allows plenty of room for your designer-in-training to use his or her imagination. Make it work!


Make It Real Neo-Brite Chains and Charms

Help your young maker develop her creativity and her personal style, as well as boost fine motor and visual skills, with this jewelry art kit for kids 8 and up. Each DIY bracelet kit includes 160 beads, as well as a variety of charms, tassels, chains, pom poms, cords, and more–everything required to create a collection of bright, stylish, stackable arm candy. It’s fun and on-trend–the kind of homemade jewelry you’ll both be stoked to wear (seriously, not a macaroni noodle or Disney princess in sight) “I got this as a gift for an 8 year old girl. She was very excited about it,” wrote a reviewer, “I was surprised how nice it was for the price. It is so cute and trendy. My daughter asked for one too for her birthday. I will definitely buy at least one more. It’s so cute, so high quality, and a great price. I’m very impressed and happy.” Perhaps grab more than one, just in case!


Creativity for Kids Quick Knit Loom

Get your kiddos started on a hobby that could last them a lifetime! These beginner knitting craft kits for kids guide them through creating colorful accessories on an easy-to-use loom: Each includes 90 yards of rainbow yarn, two rainbow pom poms, and simple instructions for how to make a cup cozy or hat. It’s not just about cold-weather accessories, either: Knitting is a creative craft that gets your kiddo’s brain working (as opposed to zoning out on a screen). Through the repetitive motion of wrapping and hooking, this hobby helps enhance your kids’ fine motor skills, critical thinking, problem-solving, as well as math, planning, and comprehension. “This product was great, this taught my 10 year old how to knit. She has ordered more yarn and working on other projects,” wrote one reviewer. Another stated, “My nine year old granddaughter just loved this!! She figured out how to make a headband too.” You might say this kit gets kids, er, hooked.


Klutz Paper Flying Dragons Craft Kit

From the masters of book-based activity sets, Klutz, comes the perfect craft kit for kids obsessed with dragons. This book includes 48 pages of instructions and facts, as well as everything needed to make 12 flying paper dragon models: five adult dragon papers, six hatchling dragon papers, tape, and one “robo-dragon” paper in case your kid wants to invent a completely new and original fantastic beast. “My daughter loves dragons, and this was an absolute hit,” raved one reviewer. This kit can potentially keep your little busy for hours. Another reviewer noted, “These were a fantastic hit as a ‘just because’ gift for my 8 year-old grandson. My daughter said he built every dragon out of the book in one sitting, and was flying them all around the living room as soon as he got up this morning!” Building these flying creatures not only allows your kiddo to get creative, but it engages their problem-solving and reading skills. Educational and fun? They’ll never know.

$14.49 AT AMAZON

Paint Your Own Porcelain Bowls

Can’t get to your favorite paint-your-own pottery place? Bring it home. Each Paint Your Own bowl art kit for kids comes with three porcelain bowls, 12 paint colors, and a paint brush to create an original design–just oven bake it to get a glossy finished masterpiece. These arts and crafts kits make for a great group activity, whether you want to get involved (moms need to get creative, too!) or you’re looking to keep several littles entertained at once (just bring extra brushes!). Be advised: These dishes measure 4.5 inches in diameter and aren’t meant to stand up to washing, so it’s best to use them as display pieces (or to hold things like change, jewelry, crayons, and other bits and bobs), rather than actual dishware. Either way, kids will love this creative activity. As one reviewer put it, “My nephew is becoming quite the artist and was thrilled with being able to paint his own porcelain bowls.”


Looking for more ways to busy your little ones? Shop quarantine-friendly toys to keep your kiddos entertained for hours!

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