It's Time for Lunch!
10 Cute & Cool Lunch Boxes On Amazon For Kids — Including A Few You’ll Want To “Borrow”

Bento boxes and lunch bags to get your family through the school year.

by Emma Coburn
Side By Side Of Two Different Amazon Lunch Boxes For Kids

Making lunch every single day of the school year is enough of a grind as it is. No doubt you’ll want a lunch box that will work with you, not against you, to make the food you’ve lovingly labored over — errrr, thrown together between sips of scalding coffee at 5 a.m. — look and taste appealing. So, it makes sense that you’re on the hunt right now for the best lunch boxes on Amazon that are easy to use (and clean) day after day after day. Well, you found ‘em.

The products below are more than just cute or cool lunch boxes; they’re durable, practical, and popular for a reason. Read on to find the one you’re least likely to want to throw across the kitchen when you inevitably find it full of two-week-old moldy grapes sometime next February.

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A Beloved Bentgo Box With 30,000+ Reviews

When it comes to cool lunch boxes for little kids, this 8.5x 6.5x 2” option is many parents’ all-time fave. With five different-sized compartments and an effective leakproof seal, it’ll help prevent major backpack spills — and the food tray portion of the box is microwave- and dishwasher-safe (but the outer box part needs to be washed by hand).

If the five-compartment design isn’t what you’re looking for, or you’re shopping for a kid who eats bigger portions, there’s another Bentgo option below, but there are lots of others, too — like one that comes with an ice pack and one designed for salads.

Helpful Review: "I have four kids and had a million lunch boxes in my time as a mother. This lunch box is the very best lunch box I have ever had by a long shot. I put salad dressing, hummus, yogurt... and other spill-y things in there and it never leaks. Its super easy and clean and can go in the dishwasher (!) so it’s easy peasy. My youngest is five and he loves to pack his lunch himself so thats a big plus also! Not to mention that I called Bentgo because I lost a piece and they answered the phone and a real life person is sending me a replacement! A+ for customer service. Im a fan for life. Seriously don’t wast your money on any other ones.”


A Set Of Simpler Bentos From The Same Brand

The Bentgo Fresh is simpler, with only three compartments (plus an included divider if you want to create one more on certain days). This set is pricey, but it includes one lunch box and three different trays to use inside it, plus two tray covers you can use to store prepared lunches in the fridge. As with the Bentgo Kids box, the trays themselves are dishwasher-safe.

Helpful Review: “I got this for my daughter who packs her lunch for school, and it has been perfect! She can pack three days' worth of lunch, making prep a lot easier. Perfect portion sizes and leakproof.”


A Bag Designed For Your Bento Box

While some bento boxes — like the OmieBox — have their own handle, many don’t, which means you’ll need a separate lunch bag. This one is designed by Bentgo to fit their lunch boxes. At 10 x 7 x 7”, it’s pretty big, and it’s also insulated (just add your own ice pack to keep things cold).

Helpful Review: “I love this lunch bag. It is so functional. It holds the Bentgo box, an ice pack, a snack box, and her water with room to spare. It's very easy to clean. I simply wipe it down if it ever looks dirty, although, it somehow stays clean. It never smells either, which has been an issue with other lunch bags we use. The material is nice and sturdy, and the food stays cold all day. I've been really impressed with the bag and have recommended it to many friends. The customer service has also been outstanding. They really stand behind their items. I will be purchasing another one of these for my son (with the Bentgo box and extra tray) when he starts school.”


A Basic, Inexpensive Reusable Set

You may be thinking that $40+ is too much for any lunchbox, no matter how cute or technologically advanced. Enter these incredibly popular and economical plastic lunch containers. They come in different colors, shapes, and configurations, but in the particular set linked here, they clock in at around $3.50 apiece. They’re not leak-proof like some other options on this list, but they do go in the dishwasher.

Helpful Review: “I love the easy lunch boxes! I originally bought them for my kids for daycare and for future school lunches and ended up using them for mine and my husband's lunches as well! We used them so much we bought 2 more sets so now we have a total of 4 and all of the colors. They work GREAT!!”


A Lunch Bag That’s Its Own Ice Pack

This normal-looking lunch box has a really cool secret: The whole thing works like an ice pack, with cold-retaining gel that lines the polyester fabric. All you have to do is flatten it out and stick it in the freezer overnight. While you can’t run it through the washing machine, reviewers say it’s still easy to keep it looking good. And PackIt makes other styles of lunch and snack bags, too.

Helpful Review: “I searched for the perfect lunchbox for my 3 kids before school started. This has everything I was looking for. Since it doesn’t need an ice pack there’s extra space for everything they bring to school. It fits a Bentgo and snacks easily. The water bottle holder is too small for their water bottle, but they don’t need it. They’ve used them every day for 3 months, and they still look great!”


A Bento Box That Will Keep Food Warm

If you want the flexibility of being able to send hot and cold or room-temperature food with lunch, this is your box. It has a removable thermos compartment with its own lid, a divider you can use to change the sizes of the non-thermos compartments, and (unlike some other bento boxes) its own handle. Not to mention... it’s big on TikTok.

Helpful Review: “We purchased this for our 7-year-old, we love it. The compartments are sized great. We enjoy the movable compartment wall, too, great way to make the snacks fit into the compartment as you need them. The ‘hot’ compartment is perfectly sized for lunch, and the top is secure and easy to open for little fingers. We highly recommend the OmieBox.”


A Spacious 5-Star Rated Bentgo Bag With 7000+ Reviews

There’s a reason Bentgo has such a cult following — their lunch boxes are just that reliable. This option is as durable as it is cute, thanks to its water-resistant fabric that comes in 16 adorable prints (unicorns, trucks, princesses, dinosaurs, trucks... they’ve got all the bases covered and more). The ultra-thick, non-toxic double insulation will keep your kiddo’s food fresh as they lug it from home to school.

Helpful Review: “This is the perfect size lunch bag for an elementary child. Enough room inside for the Bentgo Fresh lunchbox, a Capri Sun/juice box, utensils, 2-3 ice packs, and even has zipper pockets inside and out for anything else. Napkins or lunch notes 😊 Very easy to carry and has held up for years! My son is always getting compliments on it, and even his teacher has mentioned several times how she wished every student had one! Worth the money, and there is even [a] warranty for 2 years, that covers anything at all. You won’t be disappointed.”


An Affordable Bento Box That Still Gets Rave Reviews

Another bento box option that’s on the more affordable side. This is popular with people of all ages — from kindergartners to high schoolers and adults — and gets high marks for its generous size and leakproof lid. (Reviewers do note, though, that while the lid stays sealed, sauce or water can leak between the compartments.) It can go in the dishwasher and even comes with a fork that fits inside.

Helpful Review: “We bought two of these bento boxes for our daughters (high school and middle school), and they are perfect for lunchtime and meals away from home. The size is perfect, and we have had no problems with leaking, even with salads/dressing. Look no further — these bento boxes are affordable and ideal for any adult-size meal on the go.”


A Cute Fabric Lunch Bag For Younger Kids

A great option for preschool- or elementary-aged kids — nothing fancy, but reviewers praise the durability of this lunch box and the fact that it will survive a washing machine cycle (even though spot cleaning, not machine washing, is recommended). Plus, if the cute graphics are a hit, Wildkin also makes backpacks, water bottles, and nap mats that match.

Helpful Review: “LASTED 4 YEARS!! This lunch box is incredible. Not only is it made of safe materials, but I just throw it in the washer once a week, and I am only just now having to replace it, there is a tiny tear in the inside plastic; otherwise, it nearly looks new on the outside. My son used it daily For preschool and kindergarten...”


A Classic Lunch Bag With More Than 20 Pattern Options

Nothing fancy, but this bag with an outer pocket and water bottle holder is still a hit with reviewers. A big plus: it comes in so many designs — from unicorns to macarons to plain old gray — that it should work for anyone, from a preschooler to a high school senior.

Helpful Review: “I don't like spending a fortune on lunchboxes, and by the end of the year, we usually need new ones. We needed one to hold a cup/drink this year, this fit our lunch box inside perfectly + the ice packs. Quality is good overall, and we have had no leaks, super easy to clean as well. Love the clip to attach to their backpacks as well. Great lunch box for the price!”

Whether you’re looking for something that keeps food hot or cold, a cute lunch box your preschooler will love, or just a basic bag that’s affordable, durable, and easy to clean, these lunch boxes on Amazon have a lot to offer. Here’s to a very happy 180+ days together... and no moldy grapes.