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50 Morning Affirmations For Kids To Practice Before School

These mantras will help even the most anxious kid feel cool, calm, and collected.

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Morning affirmations for kids are a great way to start the day.
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Let's be real: No kid's affirmation can change the fact that growing up is hard. A recent study showed that girls begin to lose their self-confidence at the age of only eight years old! What do you do with a third grader who's anxious about school, worried about her friends, or making herself sick over things she can't control? Mama, there are no easy answers. If growing up is hard, helping a kid to grow up might be almost as hard. Experts say that something as simple as morning affirmations for kids, however, can go a long way in boosting your kiddo's confidence, helping them feel more prepared for their day, and remaining slightly less stressed about all the drama that comes with being a kid.

You've probably seen someone doing morning affirmations in the mirror. Maybe you do them. Even Ellen DeGeneres has had extra positive kids and their parents on the show to talk about why they do morning affirmations. And there are several TikTok families that have also shared their morning routines that include affirmations.

But what are they exactly? How do they work? And what makes a good affirmation? It's easier to understand (and start!) than you think.

What are affirmations?

Affirmations might seem like a new and strange concept to some people, but they've been around for a while. They're basically positive, affirming sentences or phrases you repeat to yourself to help you stay focused on something. It can also be used as a way to manifest confidence or positive feelings. If your kiddo is stressed about friendship drama, an affirmation that reminds them that their friends or family still love them might help. If they're worried about a test, using an affirmation to remind them that they studied and are prepared might help them not to freak out at test time.

What makes a "good" affirmation?

A good affirmation should be true and somewhat believable. No amount of repeating "I studied for the test, and I will pass the test" is going to help you pass a test that you didn't, in fact, study for. Similarly, if you help find an affirmation about being loved by their friends for a person who is at odds with their besties, it won't feel believable... even if it is. Instead, focusing on other places they might find love (like family) and what they need to feel safe might be a better option.

How do affirmations really help?

In the case of friendship drama, Kelly Oriard, the co-founder of Slumberkins, explains best how affirmations can help them through rocky friendships. "Their emotional happiness does not need to depend on others being happy," shares Oriard. "Affirmations can be a powerful tool for helping your child learn this."

Oriard believes in affirmations for kids so much that the back of each Slumberkins book includes affirmations your kiddo can learn or memorize to help them literally talk through any issue that comes their way. Even if your "child" is actually more of a tween or teen who thinks they're too big for loveys, such a book might be a great place to find affirmation inspiration. But at the end of the day, no one knows your kid, their strengths, and their concerns better than you.

Morning Affirmations For Kids To Try

  1. I'm excited for today!
  2. Today will be better than yesterday.
  3. I can make any day better by making someone else have a good day.
  4. Today is the day I do big things.
  5. Nothing is better than a good day.
  6. I will speak up for what is right.
  7. I am thankful for another day with my friends at school.
  8. I am thankful for another day with my family.
  9. I love myself.
  10. I love my family.
  11. I love my school.
  12. Being myself will make every day better.
  13. Every day I learn something new and become a better me.
  14. I am rested and ready to conquer my day.
  15. I will aim for progress, not perfection.
  16. Nothing is perfect, including me. That's OK!
  17. My body is strong.
  18. My mind is amazing.
  19. I am enough.
  20. The sun is shining, and so am I.
  21. This rain won't wash away my sparkle.
  22. Today is the day.
  23. My brain is ready to learn.
  24. I am ready to learn.
  25. I am capable of anything.
  26. I am capable of great things today.
  27. I am amazing!
  28. My school needs me to show up.
  29. My friends need me to show up.
  30. I will share my ideas with the whole class.
  31. I will help my teacher.
  32. I will make someone's day better.
  33. Today I will work harder than yesterday.
  34. I will ace the test.
  35. I have practiced my vocabulary words and I am ready to share what I've learned.
  36. I am ready to shine.
  37. My friends like me for exactly who I am.
  38. I can do hard things.
  39. I never give up.
  40. I know who to ask for help.
  41. I will make today matter.
  42. I will learn one new thing today.
  43. I will tackle every challenge.
  44. My best is enough.
  45. Today I will spread positivity.
  46. Today I will work through my fears/problems.
  47. I will greet the sun with a smile.
  48. I will be brave today.
  49. My heart is grateful for this day.
  50. I feel strong today.

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