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Mother's Day Coloring Pages Any Mom Or Grandma Would Appreciate

Creativity can be a fun way for kids to show they care.

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A little boy giving his mother a bouquet on Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is coming up fast. Let’s be honest here — one day just isn’t enough to celebrate all the hard work that moms do. And while every mother deserves to be pampered, they shouldn’t expect too many extravagant gifts from their toddler to celebrate the holiday. It’s not their fault — they just don’t have a source of income or very good taste in things just yet. That said, Mother’s Day coloring pages are a great gift that toddlers can give to their moms and grandmothers.

Mother’s Day coloring pages are a lot of fun for kids to personalize, and they’ll be so happy to show you what they’ve done. But Mother’s Day coloring pages aren’t just for kiddos! They’re also great for you when you’re celebrating the holiday by listening to your favorite podcast on your AirPods and trying to relax. Coloring is a wonderful and easy way to de-stress and refocus yourself. These pretty printables will come in handy in many circumstances. And here’s the best news — they’re free and easy to download.

Free Mother’s Day Coloring Pages

1. Happy Mother’s Day Trio of Poppies

These three flowers can be symbolic if you want them to be. Perhaps one is for your grandmother, one is for your mother, and one is for you (if you have a child). They can also be fun and festive spring flowers that’ll brighten up any mom’s refrigerator door. Mamas deserve everything on their special day, including all the flowers and phone calls they receive. Fun fact: More calls are made on Mother’s Day than any other day of the year! More than 120 million calls are made during this holiday.

2. Happy Mother’s Day Floral Wreath

Crowns help symbolize royalty. And as a mom, you come pretty close. If you’ve never worn a flower crown before, now’s a great occasion. But if you still feel weird about putting one on, maybe you can at least color one in. With colored pencils or markers, you can transform this crown into something you’d be proud of wearing daily. And we know there are lots of great moms out there who would deserve it. In fact, according to a recent census, there are more than 43 million moms in the United States.

3. Happy Mother’s Day Flower Frame

Perhaps more suited to a tween or teen, this gorgeous page begs to be colored in and gifted to someone you love. There’s also so much you can do with a Mother’s Day coloring page like this. You can give all of the flowers a similar coloration or really go all out with every crayon in the box. Mother’s Day is truly a big deal. Next to Christmas, it’s the second most popular gift-giving holiday. Fun fact: One of the first Mother’s Days celebrated was in ancient Greece. It was a celebration in honor of Rhea, goddess of fertility, motherhood and genenration.

4. Happy Mother’s Day Corsage

This is a small bouquet, but it’ll still be a ton of fun to color in. Feel free to use a variety of different shades of green and yellow on the leaves. If you’re looking for a good coloring challenge, try to make these flowers look as realistic as possible. Sure, Valentine’s Day has a lot of flower sales, but did you know Mother’s Day makes up one-fourth of all holiday flowers and plants sales? Did you know it was actually former president Woodrow Wilson who made Mother’s Day a nationwide holiday in 1914? (What a great son!)

5. Four Happy Mother’s Day Flowers

On the subject of coloring challenges, this Mother’s Day coloring page offers several sections that’ll allow for a ton of fun. Make one flower a perfect rainbow or consider coloring another flower every shade of red possible. Mother’s Day is a great reminder of how awesome mamas are. For example, the average mommy takes two minutes and five seconds to change a diaper. Dads take a shorter time, but we’re not so sure that’s a good thing…

6. A Lively Mother’s Day Bunch of Flowers

This Mother’s Day ode almost looks animated. That’s a great prompt to work the background. Maybe these flowers are actually flying in the air on a hot air balloon. Or maybe they’re in the water surrounded by fish. Make this coloring page unique by adding a great spin to it. Did you know carnations have a special meaning on Mother’s Day? Red carnations mean your mother is living, while white ones mean your mom has passed away.

7. Happy Mother’s Day Arrangement

This coloring page also pays tribute to the wavy flower, but it’s at the head of a pretty fantastic centerpiece. This page would look amazing with a pastel theme. A deep purple would also complement the petals. Fun fact: Mother’s Day is celebrated all around the world! A few countries include Britain, Canada, Australia, Thailand, and Costa Rica.

8. Another Lovely Happy Mother’s Day Wreath

Another take on a flower crown, this page would look fantastic colored in with various greens and blues. But any combo of colors will make it lively and fun! And, again, if this coloring page serves as another excuse to buy yourself a flower crown and feel like a queen, so be it.

9. Happy Mother’s Day-sies

These great spring flowers look a lot like wildflowers. Most wildflowers are native to the area they’re found. But did you know that some wildflowers are descendants of flowering plants introduced from other lands?

10. Mother’s Day Bouquet

Finally, this bouquet would make for a great printable card. If you’re unable to run out and buy one for the mother in your life, a personalized version of this page could be a good alternative. Have you ever wondered where the word “mom” comes from? Well, you can thank babies for the title. Usually, the first words babies can attempt to say begins with the letter “M,” or sounds like “ma.” Fun fact: The heaviest baby was born in Italy. Carmelina Fedele gave birth to a 22-pound newborn!

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