Best Mother's Day Cards 2021, According To Moms | Quarantine Edition

11 Mother’s Day Cards For Every Rockstar Mama On Your List

April 14, 2020 Updated November 9, 2020

Best Mothers Day Cards

Mother’s Day will be here before you know it, and while you’re most certainly due for some heartfelt messages of gratitude, love, and overall adoration, you’ve also got Mother’s Day cards of your own to send. (Your work is never done, Mama. Sorry.) Especially in these crazy quarantine times, sending love through the mail is more important than ever! It’s not just about finding the exact right card for your own mom, should you be lucky enough to have one to shop for; there’s also your mother-in-law, grandmother, best friend, parenting comrade-in-arms, sister, aunt, cousin and family friend (the one who’s always felt like a mom to you)— you get the idea. It can be a lot, so we’ve shopped out mom-approved Mother’s Day cards for 2020 to help get you started!

Sure, you could attempt a pharmacy run and grab a bunch of random cards, but the odds of finding Mother’s Day cards that truly express your feelings are pretty low–and who wants to stand in the card aisle for an extended period of time, poring over cheesy greeting cards? Not us. Not now. Online, you’ll score a plethora of perfectly on-point picks for every Mama, grandmama, mama-in-law, and more on your mailing list. Ahead, we gathered up a few of our current faves that range from funny to sweet, with the selection including cards for all types of recipients. Whether she’s mushy, snarky, or maybe a combination of the two, there’s an option among the mom-approved Mother’s Day cards ahead that will make your favorite lady feel super special this holiday. We all need to feel a little *special*, especially this year.

Best Mother’s Day Card Set:

Scary Mommy Mom's Honestly Funny Card Set, Pack of 12

Of course we are funny! If we can’t laugh at ourselves and each other, who can? Listen, we’re all in this together. And we love and appreciate all the village does. That includes our teachers, our friends, our mom friends, and all of the other amazing moms that make managing each day possible. This set of 12 cards shows our thanks to them all. There are 4 Thank You, 2 Teacher Appreciation, 5 Friendship and 1 Encouragement card in the set. The best part is— you’re always ready with cards in hand. Keep them in your drawer and make it look like you’ve got your sh*t together at the perfect moment to say thanks. This Mother’s Day is as good a time as ever to serve the thought and sentiment with an extra serving of love.


Best Mother’s Day Card for Your Mom:

Hallmark Studio Ink Now That I'm a Mom Mothers Day Card

She always said one day you would understand and, oh man, was she right. Now as a mom yourself, you’ve got a keen understanding of how difficult the job of motherhood truly is–and how thankless it can be. If you’ve ever found yourself wanting to call up your mother and apologize for being such a pain in the ass as a kid, this is the card that does it for you. Your mom put up with a lot; she deserves to be appreciated, recognized, and thanked. And what better gift is there than telling your mom “You were right” in writing. Be forewarned, though: One reviewer noted “Every time I annoy my mother she throws this card in my face! As in ‘remember the card you got me, was it a lie’? Lol! Great card, sentimental, well made.”


Best Mother’s Day Card for Your Best Friend:

NobleWorks Retro Funny Mothers Day Card

Where’s the lie, though? Children are a gift–and they can also be kind of the worst. (Raise your hand if you’ve ever thought “I love you but also OMG you might be the spawn of satan, for real.”) For your best friend who commiserates with you on parenting struggles and doubles as your therapist when your kids are driving you batshit, we present this hilarious, brutally honest Mother’s Day card. Every mama could use a good laugh, that’s just a fact. Plus, the inside reads “You’re da bomb! Happy Mother’s Day.” The Bedtime is Happy Hour is another favorite. Also worth noting: The majority of NobleWorks cards are made in the USA and Canada on demand (meaning less waste) with 30% recycled content, as well as responsibly-forested renewable resources certified pulp. Funny and Earth-friendly: Happy Mother’s Day, indeed.


Best Mother’s Day Card for Grandma:

Lovepop Berry Sweet Grandma Pop Up Card

Let her eat cake–er, well, not actually. If your grandma is the type who baked with you and taught you all her secret culinary tricks, this adorable pop-up card will send the sweetest sentiment, especially if you can’t actually be with her on Mother’s Day. From the punny “berry sweet” cover to the delicious-looking cake slice that pops up inside (is anyone else getting hungry?), this card has all the makings of one your Gram will keep on display for a while. So said one reviewer, “My Mother loved her card. She is still displaying it at home on her [mantle].” The verdict: This is one sweet slice that never goes bad. This card also comes in several stunning pop-up floral options, so if you’re looking to send a bouquet that will last forever, look no further!


Best Mother’s Day Card for Your Wife:

Hallmark Signature Lucky Family Mothers Day Card

This simple Mother’s Day card is about as sweet as it gets: the floral print envelope lining, the foil and paper craft details, the elephants (if you don’t love elephants well, you may want to see a doctor because something is obviously wrong)–it’s all just so freakin darling, not to mention expensive-looking without actually being expensive. Plus, the sentiment is entirely lovely without requiring a lot of corny verbiage which, for some of us, can feel totally and utterly nauseating. Your wifey deserves to know how treasured and appreciated she is–and not just by the kiddos–and this card gets the job done. Plus, Hallmark’s cards are eco-friendly, with 99% of the company’s paper acquired from known, sustainable sources. We dig that.


Best Mother’s Day Card for Your Mother-In-Law:

Hallmark Strong, Confident, Compassionate Mothers Day Card

She birthed and raised your spouse, and maybe even watches your kids on the reg, so show some love to your mother-in-law–and score serious daughter-in-law points– with a card full of compliments! Foil lettering details “Strong, confident, compassionate moms raise strong, confident, compassionate kids,” while the inside of this card reads: “And there’s no better example of that than you! Happy Mother’s Day.” Double kudos in one card? Yes, please! Your MIL will for sure appreciate this pick–who wouldn’t want to hear she’s a great mom and she raised a great kid? Whether you have a super-close relationship or it’s a little more complicated than that, this Mother’s Day message offers a clear, uncomplicated way to wish your mom-in-law a happy one.


Best Mother’s Day Card for a New Mom:

Lovepop Super Mom Pop Up Card

Parenting can often make you feel like you’re “failing” or “doing it wrong.” For your sister who’s trying to juggle work and new motherhood, your mom who often goes underappreciated, or any mama in your life that needs some extra encouragement, this card will make her feel, well, super. With “Super Mom” emblazoned on the front, complete with Superman-esque logo, this pop-up option will let your loved one know exactly how you see her: as a mothereffing hero. Because they don’t all wear capes in real life, right? This Mother’s Day card also comes with a slot and blank card for a private “tuck-away note” where you can write your message. That way, she can display the supermama pop-up for inspiration, without revealing any personal sentiments. Genius!


Best Mother’s Day Card for the Person Who’s Like a Mom:

Emily McDowell & Friends Not Technically My Mom Mother's Day Card

Emily McDowell & Friends is known for offering irreverent, witty, honest cards and more that express real feelings –good and bad; it’s no wonder they’re so beloved. (Her empathy cards section is not to be missed.) As for Mother’s Day cards, that special person who isn’t technically your mom but has offered you the kind of advice, support, wisdom a mother would? Yeah, she definitely deserves a special shout out on this holiday, too.  It takes a village, right? For the woman who treated you like her own and had a profound impact on your life–a friend’s mom, an aunt, or a family friend, for example–this Mother’s Day card says it all.


Best Mother’s Day Card for the Single Mom:

Single Parent, Double Strength Letterpress Mother's Day Card

Yasss, kween. We salute you! For the single mom who is doing the work of two this Mother’s Day (and every day!), this simple, understated card shows how much she is appreciated and recognized. Parenthood is hard enough and the mamas who do it on their own deserve all the kudos in the world. Send this Mother’s Day card to your single-mom friend/sister/coworker–or even the single dad in your life who may be playing both roles this holiday–and let them know, “I see you and you’re doing a kickass job.” On Mother’s Day, knowing a fellow parent acknowledges what you’re doing and how challenging it is can make all the difference. Your support and encouragement will mean more than you know.


Best Mother’s Day Card from the Dog:

American Greetings Cute Greeting Card From Dog For Mother's Day

Because our pets are our kids, too, right? Duh. And, well, there’s no such thing as too much adoration on Mother’s Day. Without getting too cutesy, this sweet Mother’s Day card from the dog or cat shows appreciation for all that mom does to care for every living being in the house (OK, we draw the line at Mother’s Day cards from the plants. But anyway, we digress.) Another idea: Send this card (signed with her pets’ names, of course) to a friend who doesn’t have human kids but is a pet parent as an extra thoughtful way to make her feel special and seen on this holiday.


Best Mother’s Day Card for Anyone, Really:

Colormoon Freddy Mercury Mama Mothers Day Card

OK, we laughed out loud when we first saw this card–it’s just perfect for the mom who isn’t into all the sappy standard Mother’s Day stuff. Who better than the legendary Freddie Mercury to let your mom know she’s your Queen–or perhaps even your “Best Friend?” (We’ll show ourselves out now.) If your mom has a cheeky sense of humor or is a music aficionado, and especially if she is both (raises hand), this classic rock card is a must-purchase. Real talk: We already added to cart! Bonus: The inside is blank, meaning you can use this as a Mother’s Day card or save it for your mama’s birthday or another special occasion.


Picked out all your mom-approved Mother’s Day cards for 2020? Excellent! Now score the perfect present from our curated gift guide!
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