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These 30 Mother's Day Jokes Will Make The Moms In Your Life LOL

Pure, wholesome, cheesy goodness.

Written by Team Scary Mommy
Mother's Day jokes will bring a smile to Mom's face on her special day.

As Mother's Day approaches, you might be racking your brain for ideas to make your mom feel as special as possible. That might mean planning a day packed full of fun things for you and Mom to do. Or you could be doing some procrasti-shopping for last-minute gifts. Maybe you're even pinning recipes to make Mom breakfast in bed. But even if you keep it super simple this year, you'll probably — at the very least — give your mom a card to let her know how much you love and appreciate her. And while sentimental Mother's Day messages are always good, there's a lot to be said for sending Mom some Mother's Day jokes.

Whether you scribble one or two in her card or send 'em in a text, they're guaranteed to make her laugh. Since she spends her days juggling all the things, a little bit of levity can go a long way. If you're a mom here looking to secure a few laughs of your own, welcome. After all, even though Mother's Day is supposed to help Mom kick back and unwind, it has a weird way of creating even more work for her. In which case, you've gotta laugh to keep from crying, right?

So, in honor of the hilariously perplexing challenge that is motherhood, enjoy this collection of mom-centric quips and zingers.

Mother’s Day Jokes That Make Perfect Card-Fillers

  1. What kind of flowers are best for Mother’s Day? Mums.
  2. Why was the grape late for Mother’s Day brunch? She got caught in a jam on the way.
  3. What is the best gift a new mom can get on Mother’s Day? A long nap.
  4. How do you keep Baby Cow quiet so Mommy Cow can sleep in on Mother’s Day? Use the moooooote button.
  5. How did the alien boy write a Mother’s Day poem for his mom? In uni-verses.
  6. Why is a computer so smart? It listens to its motherboard.
  7. Why was the cookie so happy to see his mom on Mother’s Day? Because he had been a wafer so long!
  8. Why did the Mother’s Day gift arrive the day after Mother’s Day? It was choco-LATE.
  9. Why did the sea captain’s mom go out on Mother’s Day? To shop the sails.
  10. Why did the mama cat go bowling on Mother’s Day? She’s an alley cat.
  11. Why did the dentist’s kids give her so many presents on Mother’s Day? They love toothee her smile.
  12. Why does Mother’s Day take place before Father’s Day? So the kids can spend all of their Christmas money on Mom.
  13. How did the polar bear open her Mother’s Day card? With her bear hands.
  14. Why was the house so neat on Mother’s Day? Because Mom spent all day Saturday cleaning it.
  15. What did the kittens get their mom for Mother’s Day? A subscription to Good Mousekeeping.
  16. What did the banana’s mommy get on Mother’s Day? Slippers.
  17. What do moms drink on Mother’s Day to help them relax? Calm-omile tea.
  18. Who do flowers celebrate on Mother’s Day? Their chrysanthemums.
  19. Why don’t they have Mother’s Day sales? Because mothers are priceless.
  20. Daughter: “Mom, what’s it like to have the greatest daughter in the world?” Mom: “I don’t know, dear… you’d have to ask your grandma.”
  21. Why did they have to rush the mommy rattlesnake to the doctor on Mother’s Day? She bit her tongue.
  22. What color flowers do mommy cats like to get on Mother’s Day? Purrrrrrrrrple.
  23. What did Eeyore say to his mom when he served her breakfast in bed on Mother’s Day? “I hope thistle make you happy.”
  24. Why did Mom get a plate of English muffins on Mother’s Day? Her family wanted her to feel like a queen!
  25. Why did the boy put the Mother’s Day cupcakes in the freezer? His sister told him to “ice them.”
  26. What did the panda cubs give their mommy on Mother’s Day? Bear hugs.
  27. What makes more noise than a child jumping on Mommy’s bed on Mother’s Day morning? Two children jumping on Mommy’s bed!
  28. What kind of coffee was the alien mommy drinking on Mother’s Day? Starbucks.
  29. Why did the boy make his mother a sweet potato pie for Mother’s Day? He thinks his mom is yamtastic.
  30. What’s the best dinner to make on Mother’s Day? Anything you want — she’s just happy that she doesn’t have to make it!