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140+ Fun & Unique Nicknames For Grandma Your Mom (Or MIL) Will Love

So many names for your Gigi.

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Fun and unique nicknames for Grandma are befitting for loving grandmothers like this one.
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Are you welcoming a new baby to the family anytime soon? If so, Grandma — the family’s matriarch — deserves a name that’s just as special as she is. When a woman becomes a grandmother for the first time, it’s a life-changing moment… almost as memorable as the moment she becomes a mother. Naming the little one is always fresh on the brain, but what about Grandma? Shouldn’t she get a new moniker too? Of course she should. The unique nicknames for Grandma we’re sharing today are inspired by traditional grandparent names, cultures around the world, modern trends, and more.

No matter your preference, classic or trendy, we’ve got something for you. Your mom (or mom-in-law) will be the coolest g-ma on the playground with her sweet grandbaby and a sassy new nickname. Why are there so many alternatives to the names grandmother and grandma? Well, there are plenty of reasons. Our parents’ generation, aka the Baby Boomers, may want to distinguish themselves from grandmas on the other side of the family. Maybe they feel too young to be called “Grandma.” And sometimes picking a new nickname is plain ol’ fun!

There’s one crucial thing to keep in mind when helping Grandma choose a new nickname. Once your little one starts talking, they may dub her something entirely different. Kids tend to have minds of their own, the little stinkers! Of course, Bebe will be so cute that Grandma probably won’t mind a bit. If none of these names appeal to Grandma, try out something simple like tacking on a first or last name, or even an initial, to the end of the word “grandma.” For example, she might be called Grandma June, Grandma Wilson, or Grandma R. That’s perfectly acceptable, too. It definitely leans toward the traditional side of things, if that’s what she prefers.

Whatever you guys end up choosing, congrats on the newest addition to the family.

Unique Nicknames for Grandma

1. Memaw (popular in the southern US)

2. Nanny

3. Grams

4. Glamma (on-trend and so much fun!)

5. Nonna (Italian for grandma)

6. Gigi

7. Oma (German for grandma)

8. Granny

9. Nana (an oldie, but a goodie!)

10. Nina

11. Grammy

12. Maw-maw

13. Bubbe (Yiddish for grandma)

14. Ma/Maw

15. Abuela (Spanish for grandma)

16. Lovey

17. Lala

18. Gammy/Gammie

19. Gran

20. Gogo (if Grandma loves a ’60s style, this nickname is totally groovy!)

21. Mammy/Mammie

22. Mimi

23. Gamma

24. Grandmama

25. Baba

26. Darling

27. Goodness

28. Marmee

29. Honey

30. Big Mom or Big Mama (for those family matriarchs with a larger-than-life presence!)

31. Lolly (and Pop for Grandpa)

32. Queenie

33. Mimzy

34. Babushka (Russian for Grandma)

35. Gam Gam

36. Sugar

37. Avo (Portuguese for grandma)

38. G-ma

39. Yaya

40. Granny Pie

41. Cha-Cha

42. Tootsie

43. Mom-Mom

44. Sweetie

45. Bunny

46. Zaza

47. Bella

48. Momo

49. Momsie

50. Cici

51. Gogi

52. Grammakins

53. Foxy (for all those silver-haired stunners)

54. Coco

55. Mia

56. Minnie

57. Gemma

58. Pippa

59. Birdy

60. Nenek (Indonesian for grandma)

61. Bomma (Flemish for grandma)

62. Savta (Hebrew for grandma)

63. Grancie

64. Bun Bun

65. Bebe

66. Tutu (Hawaiian for grandma)

67. Babe

68. Nai Nai (Chinese for grandma)

69. InstaGram (for the social media savvy Granny)

70. Bubbles (a cutesy name for an adorable grandma)

71. Kitty

72. Giggy

73. Nene

74. “G” (keeping it simple with this one)

75. Golly (gee whiz! IYKYK!)

76. Amma

77. G-Mama

78. G-Mam

79. G-Mom

80. G-Madre

81. Glam-ma

82. Glammy

83. Granny Poo

84. Nana Pie

85. Queen

86. Pipp

87. Bibi

88. Madea

89. Bobo

90. Bunny

91. Cookie

92. Cee Cee

93. Cha-Cha

94. Deeda

95. DiDi

96. Eemaw

97. Gram Cracker

98. Softy

99. Hopie

100. Mimzy Moo

101. Snuggy

102. MooMaw

103. Sunny

104. Muffy

105. Apa

106. Ema

107. Missy

108. Fluffy

109. Ga Ga

110. Ganna

111. Gi Gi

112. Teta

113. Hammaw

114. Lola (Filipino for grandmother)

115. Ona

116. Oona

117. Snuggy

118. YuTu

119. Zsa-Zsa

120. Peaches

121. Sweet Pie

122. Chi Chi

123. Moo Moo

124. Miss Mamas

125. Queen Mother

126. Beloved

127. Abba

128. Bunny

129. Bunny Love

130. Deary

131. Dear Darling

132. Mother

133. My Dear

134. Lovie

135. Obaasan (Japanese for grandmother) Sometimes shortened to “baasan,” or “baa-baa”

136. Babcia (Polish for grandmother) Related nicknames include “babci” and “babciu”

137. Yiayia (Greek for grandmother)

138. Halmoni (Korean for grandmother)

139. Grand-mère (French for grandmother) Related nicknames include “la mémé” or “grand-mamam”

140. Gjyshe (Albanian for grandmother)

141. Yiey (Khmer for grandmother)

142. Tatik (Armenian for grandmother)

143. Ouma (Common South African name for grandmother)

Things to Do With Your Grandparents

Grandparents are special, and it's important to spend time with them. So once you pick a name for your grammy, make time to do a few of these activities with them. They'll appreciate it.

  • Card games
  • Go through an old photo album together
  • Solve crosswords or word puzzles together.
  • Interview them
  • Draw a family tree
  • Watch an old movie together
  • Go on a walk

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