Easy One-Pot July 4th Recipes, So You Can Actually Enjoy The Fireworks

Step away from the sink!

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Preparing for any holiday has its ups and downs, and July 4th has plenty of ups: watching the fireworks, popping a beer on the porch with your in-laws, and letting the kids run around. But attempting to feed everybody with some 10-course meal is a surefire way to feel stressed. Never mind the dishes you have to clean up later.

It’s understandable. So here’s a list of low-effort, one-pot meals that look and taste amazing while ensuring you stay relaxed the whole day through. No one would even know it only took one pot.

Smoked Crunchy Cheesy Potatoes

If you're looking for cheesy potatoes with a bit of crunch — and who isn’t? — this recipe is perfect. Not only is it a favorite among kids (I mean, chips on top?), but also you can never go wrong with a casserole dish. All you need is one oven pan, and you can pop either it into the oven or, if you're feeling fancy, the smoker.

Tender Pulled BBQ Beef

Barbecue anything is an immediate staple for any cookout. Try @Zola_nene's one-pot recipe combining beef stew and thyme for a flavorful twist, leaving your beef roast tender and delicious.

Stuffed Hotdogs

As an American classic, hotdogs remain a favorite among all ages, especially the kids. But if you want to spice them up, try @naildr.garnet's simple five-ingredient recipe. Creamy potatoes stuffed into sausages? Sign me up.

Creamy Coleslaw Salad

You can never go wrong with a coleslaw to beat the summer heat. It's cool, refreshing, and simple. @melissamindbodysoul adds a twist to the classic by adding corned beef. Leave it to cool, and you have the perfect summer salad.

Pasta with Shredded BBQ Chicken

If you're a pasta lover like me, you must add @bethanyydobson's recipe to the grocery list. The best part? You won't have to wash multiple pans. Instead, slowly incorporate each ingredient until fully cooked, making the process simple and mess-free.

Crispy Potato Caesar Salad

One of life's simple pleasures includes a satisfying crunch in your food. Instead of croutons, @good_food_mood__ adds crispy potatoes that make your inner child enjoy every bite.

One Pan Burgers

Can you cook 12 burgers at the same time? @funfoodie8 shares a secret that says yes. Layer ground beef on top of sliced onions at the bottom of an oven pan, and once baked, you have 12 burgers ready to go!

Cowboy Caviar

If you want to tap into your inner American cowboy, @patrick_springer shares his favorite side for chips. All you need is a bowl. Mix sweet corn, tomatoes, and red onion, and you have the perfect summer appetizer. Other popular pairings include hotdogs and wraps.

No Bake Banana Pudding

Believe it or not, you can make this southern dessert with one bowl. Banana pudding is a classic go-to for any family event because of its rich creaminess and crunch. Be prepared to hide a cup for yourself before it's all eaten up!

Upping Your Drinks Game

If you're looking for picturesque drinks, you must try @styleitwithtrix's layered drink recipe. To get the perfect gradient, layer the drink with the highest sugar content at the bottom and the lowest at the top.