Dee Kwong

Dee, also known as Deborah Kwong, contributes to Bustle as a beauty intern. She actively engages in photo research, story development, and creating product cards there. Additionally, Dee likes to keep an eye on social media's ever-evolving landscape, where she specializes in beauty and style trends, armed with analytics and insights gleaned from editorial magazines and books.

Currently pursuing a writing and media production degree at New York University, Dee does not stop there. Over the past year or so, she has showcased her work at a Sotheby's event, celebrating upcoming creatives. Additionally, she has written copy for Maharam, a textile company, and earned recognition as the Javits Junior's Scholarship winner with her authored proposal. As these experiences cumulate, Dee works on being a better storyteller across the media landscape. However, she's still a writer at heart.

If not busy with school or intern duties, Dee enjoys walking through galleries in Chelsea, attending figure drawing classes during the evening and is still looking for the best coffee place in New York City.

Extra interests: writing book reviews on GoodReads; watching runway shows; trend forecasting; going to theatres with friends; trying to keep her plants alive, taking pictures with her film camera, thrifting, and her skin care routine.

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