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Gift Your Delivery Drivers Free Pizza This Holiday Season, Courtesy Of Pizza Hut

Who wouldn’t love a surprise like this?

Pizza Hut is giving away free pizzas to delivery drivers this holiday season.
Pizza Hut/Twitter

Wouldn't we all love to be one of those families with the money and the big porch that can sit out coolers and snack carts for their delivery drivers? But with life feeling, well, tough AF right now, that's not in the cards for all of us. Fortunately, Pizza Hut is doing its part to spread cheer by giving everyone the chance to gift their delivery drivers with some free 'za.

Sounds pretty sweet, right? While you may be thinking this sounds too good to be true or that you'll have to jump through too many hoops, rest assured: It's actually a pretty easy proposition. Pizza Hut is giving away *free* welcome mats called "reverse delivery" mats. The mats have QR codes that delivery drivers from places like UPS, USPS, DoorDash, Amazon, and more can scan to receive one free pizza.

Turns out no one can out-pizza (or "out-kind") The Hut.

So, you need the deets. Pizza Hut will release a set number of these reverse door mats every morning (at 9 a.m. ET) from now until Dec. 10, exclusively at the Pizza Hut Mat website. When the mat arrives, all you have to do is place it in front of your door or wherever you get packages. And while the mats are only available through Dec. 10, the free pizzas are available to claim through Dec. 27.

This is categorically a win-win. Who doesn't appreciate their friendly neighborhood delivery drivers? Their muscles, their safe driving, the feeling you get when you open the door and discover a box — there's lots to appreciate. Gifting them a free pizza not only squares away dinner for them one night, but it also frees up a little grocery money they can put toward buying presents for the people in their lives.

The whole campaign, according to Pizza Hut, is designed to express well-deserved gratitude to delivery drivers when they “work countless hours to spread joy to families across the country.”

Pro tip, though? Switch mats on Dec. 28, so you aren't getting hopes up only for drivers to discover the offer has expired.

While Pizza Hut's reverse doormat is super cool and catchy, you're not alone if you want to do a little more. Even if you don't have a sweeping porch or an enormous budget, you can add a few things to a small basket that might improve a delivery driver's day:

  • Gloves from Dollar Tree
  • Water (change them out if it freezes overnight)
  • Powdered flavor enhancer packets for water bottles
  • Hot chocolate mix
  • Candy
  • Breakfast or granola bars (even the store brand is fine)
  • Homemade cookies
  • Snack cakes (Entenmann's new Donut Cakes are *chef's kiss*)
  • Packs of gum or mints
  • Disposable hand warmer packets
  • Tea bags
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Gift cards

You could also consider letting your kiddo(s) make a few colorful "thank you" signs to tape to your door. Technically, an etiquette expert will tell you you're encouraged to tip delivery drivers, waste collectors, lawn service people, cleaning people, and anyone else who regularly interacts with your household. And, yes, many of those same experts will suggest you give a gift of gratitude during the holiday season. Everyone is feeling the squeeze right now, though, so that may not be possible.

A simple note or a big "thank you!" through your Ring doorbell is still enough to brighten someone's day. Your drivers aren't just hauling up heavy boxes; they're driving the same wild streets you are, so a little friendliness goes a long way. And don't forget to shovel those walkways to make the trip to your door a little safer!