Quip Will Help Your Whole Family Develop Better Dental Habits In 2023

Oral hygiene has never looked so good.

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Quip oral hygiene products
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With technology advancing at full speed, even some of the most basic everyday tasks like oral hygiene routines are going digital. And innovative brands like Quip are leading the way in helping the whole family build better dental habits. Quip’s sleek and sophisticated oral care products — for both kids and adults — are an excellent way to start 2023 off on the right foot.

What Makes Quip Special

Since 2015, Quip has been on a mission to modernize oral health through thoughtfully designed, researched-back products sold direct-to-consumer. The brand’s elegant, effective electric toothbrushes includes timed sonic vibrations for gentler cleaning and better removal of plaque, and when synced to a corresponding app, users can also track their brushing habits over time. Plus, the brand offers automatic refills plans so that you’re always stocked with fresh oral hygiene supplies. Best yet, its electric toothbrush, refillable floss, anti-cavity toothpaste, and sugar-free chewing gum are accepted by the American Dental Association (ADA).

The brand also has a focus on sustainability. Recyclable packaging and clean ingredients are just a few of the ways Quip delivers on its promise to reduce its environmental impact and protect our planet. And with a brush handle designed to last a lifetime, one Quip toothbrush alone keeps hundreds of traditional toothbrushes from making it to the landfill.

The Best Quip Products For The Whole Family

Toothbrushes can be an overlooked part of our daily wellness routine — and yet they’re something we use daily for oral hygiene and health. Below, we’ve featured some of the best choices from their line of brushes for yourself and your family. We’ve also included a water flosser and an oral care bundle. And while the holidays may have passed, Quip’s Gift Guide is still a handy reference to see even more options. Also, keep in mind that if you sign up for refills every three months, you’ll receive at least $10 off your order and free shipping. (You can cancel or switch your subscription at any time.)

1. The Kid Toothbrush Bundle

Quip’s Kids Smart Custom Bundle will get kids excited about keeping their pearly whites in mint condition. The kid-friendly electric toothbrush comes with a smaller brush head ideal for little mouths, a timer to ensure 2 minutes of brushing, and a grippy handle available in four fun colors — plus, it syncs to an app with tips for better brushing. A long-lasting, 3-month battery life helps ensure that they’ll never skip a brush session, either.

The set also comes complete with a refillable floss string, and a large watermelon-flavored anti-cavity, vegan-free toothpaste — with options to add on more products like their collapsible toiletry bag perfect for traveling.

Helpful Review: “We love both of them our daughter using them for all her family and has tried to get us to try them so we finally did and think they are great.”

Recommended Age: 3 years+

2. The Popular Adult Electric Toothbrush (With A Free Toothpaste)

Whether it’s your own oral health or that of a friend or a family member that you’re looking to level up, Quip’s adult electric toothbrush is the perfect way to get started. The sleek brush features a slim handle and soft-bristle brush head that pulses in intervals of 30 seconds to help you reach the desired 2-minute mark. Single charges last up to 3 months, keeping messy wires and charging docs off your bathroom counter. And just like the kid’s brush above, it links to their app for tracking daily brushing habits. You also get a travel cover that doubles as a mirror mount included with your order. The brush also comes with a tube of free anti-cavity toothpaste.

Helpful Review: “Omg I didn’t know how bad I was at brushing until I found the quip toothbrush and it opened up a whole new world of oral care. I brush so much better now with the smart motor!!”

Recommended Age: Adult

3. The Water Flosser (With A Free Toothpaste)

For those who lie to their dentist about how much they’re flossing, this water flosser is a clever way to establish a more predictable flossing routine. The rotating tip can hit every angle with two different water flow speeds (gentle and deep clean), and the wireless design can be charged up fast with the included USB cable. When you add it to your cart, you’ll also get a free toothpaste with your order.

Helpful Review: “I bought this because i hate using string floss its never a fun experience and such a waste. The water flosser was easy and kind of fun to use. It made daily teeth care easy to maintain and not fall behind. I can also see this being useful for kids.”

Recommended Age: Adult

4. The Toothbrush + Floss Pick Bundle

Flossing is one of the most overlooked components in daily oral care routines. Not flossing can result in plaque build-up, leading to gingivitis and more. But it can be avoided by brushing and flossing regularly. Quip’s Perfect Pick Routine bundle comes complete with an electric toothbrush and travel cover, mint toothpaste, and refillable floss pick with a mirrored dispensing case. One preloaded refill for the floss pick is the equivalent of 180 individual picks.

Helpful Review: “Love the design of the toothbrush. The fact that it mounts to the mirror is freakin’ amazing! My teeth feel nice and clean after using it.”

Recommended Age: Adult

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