10 Best Sheet Pan Dinners For Cozy Fall Vibes

Even those tiny, picky people that keep showing up hungry at your table every night will be happy.

Sheet pan dinners are a great, easy option for fall.
Claudia Totir/Getty Images

Fall is officially here — giving hope that this mascara-melting heatwave is soon coming to an end! If you’ve been living off of salads, smoothies, or basically any meals that don’t require the use of your oven, you’re probably looking forward to cranking it up as soon as cooler weather hits and digging into a warm, fall comfort meal. As dreamy as that sounds right about now, let’s be real, getting any dinner on the table can still feel like a huge pain in the ass, making these sheet pan dinners with all the cozy, fall vibes exactly what you need.

And this list has got you covered with sheet pan dinner recipes that will appeal to even the pickiest of eaters. There are some vegan, gluten-free, and vegetarian options in there, too. Keeping these recipes on rotation is sure to save you time, effort, and clean-up since most require a max of two sheet pans. Bonus: They’ll also prevent dreaded dinner ruts and complaints from those tiny, picky people that keep showing up hungry at your table every night. Are you in? Of course you are. So scroll down and dig in.

Sheet Pan Steak and Veggies, Olivia’s Cuisine

Sometimes a juicy steak is just what you need to end the day. But standing at the stove and getting splattered by grease while you wait for a huge chunk of meat to cook is likely not what you have in mind. This recipe from Olivia’s Cuisine opts for skirt steak and baby gold potatoes for faster cooking. And the green beans, mushrooms, and onions make it a whole meal.

Sheet Pan Curry Chicken, The Food Charlatan

If you want a real burst of flavor this fall, you can’t go wrong with The Food Charlatan’s sheet pan curry chicken with carrots and basmati rice. Chicken and rice are always a classic combo, and the addition of curry, garam masala, paprika, and garlic give this easy dish a real punch.

Sheet Pan Chicken Fajitas, Foodaholic Ayesha

If you’ve ever been to a proper Mexican restaurant, you might be reminiscing about sizzling fajitas being delivered to your table on a cast iron skillet. These sheet pan chicken fajitas from Foodaholic Ayesha are the next best thing. Chicken, peppers, onions, garlic, lime juice, olive oil, and spices are all tossed together right on the sheet pan before hitting a scorching oven… and then your table!

Epic Beef Nachos Supreme, A Pinch of Healthy

These copycat Taco Bell Nachos Supreme from A Pinch of Healthy go way beyond what you’ll get through the drive-thru window and, depending on the line of cars, they’ll probably be on the table faster, too. Just pick your favorite tortilla chips and pile them high with seasoned ground beef, refried beans, cheese, tomatoes, and green onions and you’ll be in nacho heaven!

Spiced Brown Sugar Chicken and Sweet Potatoes, Averie Sunshine

Fewer words strung together sound more delicious than “spiced brown sugar.” And when you pair them with “chicken and sweet potatoes,” well, you’ve got a delightful meal the whole family will love — perhaps none more so than you, since this brilliant sheet pan dinner from Averie Cooks only takes 30 minutes to whip up.

Butternut Squash Gnocchi, The Herbeevore

Gnocchi in the oven? Yes, you read that right. And they don’t dry out either since they cook alongside butternut squash, kale, and red onions — all drizzled in olive oil and Herbs de Provence. Vegan and dairy-free, this recipe from The Herbeevore is ready to serve in 30 minutes.

Chili Honey Chicken Sweet Potatoes With Cilantro Yogurt, The Modern Proper

Sweetly spicy chicken meets a delicious mix of sweet potatoes and cilantro yogurt in this sheet pan dinner from The Modern Proper. There’s never been a better excuse to spice up your family’s weekly menu courtesy of a zingy blend of ingredients that includes ginger, chili powder, and honey.

Honey Mustard Sheet Pan Chicken, Two Peas and Pod

If your kids normally scoff at Brussels sprouts, consider this recipe from Two Peas & Their Pod your secret weapon. Roasted in the oven along with chicken and a delectable honey mustard sauce, the veggies get an irresistible caramelized crunch on the outside — not to mention seriously amazing flavor.

Sheet Pan Sausage & Veggies, Well Seasoned

Chicken breasts and legs get a lot of sheet pan love, but this dish from Well Seasoned Studio lets chicken sausage shine. Peppers, onions, and potatoes round out the dinner — it’s like healthy fair food at home!

Tandoori Tofu Sheet Pan Dinner, Minimalist Baker

Need an idea for your next meatless Monday? Minimalist Baker has you covered with this tandoori tofu sheet pan dinner. It’s plant-based, super versatile (use whatever veggies you have on hand!), and so full of flavor that your family will ask for thirds.