Organizing A Small Closet Is A Big Task — And Spring Is The Perfect Time To Get Our Sh*t Together

by Jenny Altman
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A young brown haired woman organizing a small wooden closet inside her home during a sunny day
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Spring cleaning season is upon us, and this year we’re dreaming about immaculate kitchens, orderly kids’ closets, and tidy home offices. We want organizers that are all about “form + function” with rolling carts expertly arranged item by item. We may not have the organizational skills of Clea and Joanna from The Home Edit, but we know a few small items can transform a dysfunctional mess into an organizer’s heaven.

Our small closets need the most help and since we don’t expect you to get all Marie Kondo and dump everything (god forbid!). We’ve got to take the easy route by grouping, stacking, and layering for an efficient fit even in the tiniest spaces. Jewelry and purses need a home, hangers need a re-do (no wire hangers!), and all-those-shoes. Small closets mean that every space is valuable real estate and we’ve got the best organizational products to use every square inch.

Don’t forget the value of the closet door. Both sides can be put to great use when space is at a minimum. With that in mind, check out the best closet organization ideas.

Small Closet Organization Ideas

Small Walk-In Closet Organization Ideas

Closet Shoe Organizer Ideas

Now that your walk-in closet is neater than your kids playroom, check out other home & kitchen essentials for fall and winter.


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