11 Best Home Office Essentials That Make Telecommuting Easier In 2021

11 Home Office Essentials That Make Telecommuting More Organized & Efficient— Even If You’re Working From The Bedroom

April 24, 2020 Updated March 5, 2021

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The right home office essentials are necessary for a productive and comfortable workday at home. These days, your workspace is probably looking like a total sh*t show. Just like the kitchen and bathroom, which can pretty much use as much organization as possible, your home office is an easy target for disarray. Making it function with the best home office essentials, especially with husbands, pets, and noisy kids all around right now, is the ticket to making any work from home situation not only bearable but a whole lot more functional.

Among your work from home essentials, you’ve got the wi-fi, a desk of sorts, a kitchen chair, copious amounts of caffeine, and a lock on the door (we hope!). But why stop there? As far as we’re concerned, when your home office looks as good as it is efficient, you’re waaaay more likely to feel creative, inspired, and motivated to get [email protected]# done, even when nosy kids come poking around in the middle of a power work sesh.

Check out our home office essentials list to make working from home a lot easier — plus they make your new office space look good, too. Now if there’s any way to buy some peace and quiet … we’re still working on that!

Best Home Office Desk Essentials

Metal Mesh Monitor Stand

If you’re one of those people who has their computer monitor propped on a stack of books, this mesh metal stand is your ticket to getting those tomes back on the shelf where they belong. Having a desktop stand allows you to lift your monitor to eye level, which is way more comfy during a long work session, plus it helps reduce both eye and neck strain. This one’s got plenty of room underneath too, so you can slide your keyboard in and out whenever you need it. A roomy drawer for papers and files that slides in and out is also super convenient, as are the two side compartments for pens, scissors, and any other must-haves that keep your #momboss self running efficiently. If you ever decide you don’t need a monitor stand anymore, this one doubles as a printer stand or even a desk shelf, so you’re bound to get a ton of good use out of it.


Light Rods LED & USB Table Lamp

You can’t look at this table lamp and not think, “Ooooh la la,” which may seem weird for an office table lamp but hear us out for a second. Made with a built-in USB port so you can stay connected and smart LED technology (no changing a light bulb, like, ever), this stylish, slim desk lamp is a showstopper. The shade pivots and tilts, so you can adjust it to accommodate a variety of tasks and keep your comfort level in check. It’s also dimmable, perfect for helping shift the mood in the room from a conference call marathon to a laser-focused strategy sesh. It comes in trendy brass or black with a milky white shade.

And when your kids just won’t finish their homework, let them sit in the special seat with the cool light, in order to get them done.


Metal Lazy Susan

Unlike a standard pencil holder or a stationary platform, a lazy susan-style desk organizer lets you keep a [email protected]#!-ton of essentials within reach without hogging all the surface space on your desk. Translation: You’ll never go on a desperate hunt for your fave pen again. Fill it with writing utensils, scissors, rulers, and more — whatever you need to do your job well — thanks to the four different compartments that spin smoothly atop a base. The whole thing is made of powder-coated metal (it’s actually marketed for kids and teens), but we love it for a home office because you can fit so much in and it’s easy to keep clean. If a few of you are sharing the work space, it might be worthwhile to buy one of these for each person (we mean kid), so they have their own stuff— we know how they feel about sharing.


Toysdone Cordies Desktop Cable Organizer

Nothing in a home office is more cringeworthy than a jungle of tangled cords. Keep each and every one of them within easy reach with this handy cord desk organizer. It has slots for four different cords of various sizes and really sticks to the desk’s surface, so you can grab the one you need and put it right back in place with one smooth stroke. It’s playful form and pop of color take what’s usually an eyesore and turns it into a little shot of happy, right on your desktop. Weighted for stability and perfect for everything from your USB cords to your smartphone charger, it takes up only a tiny amount of space and even lets you stack cables on top of each other, though if you’ve got that much going on at once you may want to talk to someone (just sayin’).


Best Home Office Furniture

Sauder Harbor View Computer Desk with Hutch

So now that you’re working from home, where do you “work”? You’re going to need a space that’s exclusively for you— even if it’s in the bedroom for now. This desk and hutch set is a wise investment. It’s got a timeless, classic look to it and a ton of storage options. There’s a slide-out shelf made for your keyboard and mouse that comes with safety stops — a major plus if your kids regularly take over your workspace and pull on the drawer just a little too hard. The hutch adds additional cubbies and compartments for books and files plus ample room to accommodate a monitor.

Our favorite thing about this desk is how versatile it is — if you prefer more elbow room, just remove the hutch. The pieces come separately, so it’s like getting two desks in one. It’s just the right size for long daily work sessions but not so big that it would overpower a room. The surface area is roomy enough to accommodate a laptop, a lamp, and even a few desktop accessories, too.


Bungee Office Chair

This funky office chair is a favorite of ours not only because it looks adorable, but it’s also super comfy, even if your work requires you to spend long hours at your desk. The seat and back are made up of a unique bungee cord-style system of polyester-wrapped bands on a sleek steel frame that actually do a really nice job supporting your legs and back. (One major fan said they’re “an absolute must with my spinal issues!”) The base is on wheels, so if you need to zip between your desk and your storage cabinet, you can, plus it has a handy lift grip that lets you customize the height of the seat to your liking. It takes only a few minutes to assemble and comes in a variety of fun colors (blush, blue, black, and green), so you can match it to your personality or your decor.


Bush Furniture Key West 2 Drawer Lateral File Cabinet

There’s no getting around a need for storage when you work from home, and more often than not, what you’re putting away are files and books. The problem is, it’s hard to find a filing cabinet that doesn’t scream Office Space in the worst possible way. That is unless you opt for one that looks more like a piece of beautiful furniture than a regular old filing cabinet. This one does just that while also providing two roomy drawers that are perfect for hanging legal or letter files, storing bins and books, or stashing other supplies. The drawers extend completely out in one smooth stroke, so you can grab what you need without the heavy pull of those old-school industrial cabinets. The X pattern on the door panels and the simple, slender legs make it work with lots of different decor styles. Finishes include washed gray and bing cherry.


More Work From Home Must-Haves

1Thrive The Susan Wall Office Organizer

Raise your hand if organizing makes you feel SO accomplished? 1THRIVE’s stunning wall organizers will help you keep track of appointments, deadlines, loose documents, and your schedule without throwing a wrench in your decor. With a variety of designs to fit any space and lifestyle, these clever contraptions include chalkboards, whiteboards, corkboards, hooks, and even darling little planters. Like a (non-virtual) assistant, this helps you easily access what you need to complete important daily tasks, so consider getting one for your home office, your office-office, your kitchen, your mudroom, and even the kids’ rooms.

“For years, we’ve struggled with managing our clutter, mail, and trying to stay on top of schedules,” says a reviewer. “The Susan is so chic and it’s been great knowing where everything is rather than shuffling through piles on counters and our several junk drawers. Excited for more chalk marker colors so I can personalize this system even more.”


Skullcandy Crusher Wireless Headphone

Let’s be honest, moms are always on. We can’t wear full-on noise-canceling headphones. Even if you leave someone very capable in charge of the kids under the same roof, you’re not going to want to be completely out of touch. If you did, you’d take your laptop to a local coffee shop and work from there. These wireless headphones not only come in several cool colors, they isolate noise, too, which means the chatter around you is minimized so you’re not totally locked out of your surroundings but you can concentrate with minimal distractions. It comes with a microphone, 40 hours of battery life, and a rapid charge (in just 10 minutes, you can charge enough to last you two hours). The best part is that if you love to listen to music while you write, think, email, strategize, and otherwise kick ass, this crusher has audio drivers (tech talk for hardware) that fans say transform listening into an immersive experience.


eyetamins Happy Eyes Blue Light Filtering Gummies

Feeling the eye strain? Yeah, us too. In addition to blue light filtering glasses and monitor screens, grab a supplement that supports your vision from the inside out. eyetamins Happy Eyes gummies are packed with nutrients that help combat the symptoms of blue light exposure by nourishing eyes, strengthening vision, and boosting their natural blue light filtering abilities. Oh, and the mango flavor is delicious, so resist eating ’em all at once.

$29.95 AT AMAZON

STM Goods Myth Backpack

Although you’ve set at camp at home, at some point (hopefully?), you’ll have to leave your house with your trusty laptop in tow. If, like most of us, this piece of equipment holds the contents of your entire livelihood, then yes, you’ll want to keep it safe. Enter the chic and ridiculously sturdy STM Myth Backpack, which will tote all your gear and protect your most valuable electronics. Unlike regular padded backpacks, this one actually suspends your laptop in a secure center sleeve so it won’t get jostled around. If you’re ever able to spend your workday in a coffee shop or leave town for a working vacation (one can dream), this backpack is an absolute must for safely schlepping your essentials safely and in style.

$119.95 AT STM GOODS

The next time you’re ready to log off a few minutes ahead of schedule, check out our mom-approved home and kitchen essentials. Or maybe it’s time we go Marie Kondo style and just clean up all of our sh*t.

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