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Surfer Boy Pizza Is The Snack Your Stranger Things-Obsessed Tween Or Teen Needs

And you can buy it at Walmart, brochachos.

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Eduardo Franco stars as Argyle in 'Stranger Things,' who works at Surfer Boy Pizza — now available a...
Walmart; Netflix

If your family already blew through the first half of Stranger Things Season 4 (how could you not?), you're probably already planning your watch party for the final two episodes set to drop on Friday, July 1. And since you're probably returning to Hawkins with your tween or teen, food strategizing feels like a given. After all, if there's anything that demo enjoys more than binge-watching, it's binge-snacking. Well, the perfect Stranger Things Season 4 finale food has arrived: Surfer Boy Pizza. Yes! As in, the fictional pizza chain made famous by every fan's new favorite brochacho, Argyle. Even better? Each Stranger Things-themed pie will only set you back seven bucks.

Because, here's the thing: Everyone (don't @ me on this) knows that Argyle (played by Eduardo Franco) turned out to be the scene-stealer of Season 4. Jonathan's van-driving stoner bestie delivered pizza and hilarious quips. And, not for nothing, he did hype Surfer Boy Pizza to the point that fans couldn't help but wish it was the real deal. Now, the Stranger Thing adolescent(s) in your house can get a taste of what it would be like if Surfer Boy did become an actual franchise. And you don't have to travel to the Upside Down to experience this alternative reality... just Walmart.

Teases the box, “Surfer Boy Pizza…Enjoy your very own Surfer Boy Pizza pie from the new season of Netflix's Stranger Things! Go on a totally rad flavor adventure that will make it feel like your slices were delivered hot to your door. Each mouth-watering variety contains rich tomato sauce, delicious mozzarella cheese, and a gnarly range of toppings. The thick crust is crispy on the outside and airy on the inside – you'll think it was hand-tossed by the Surfer Boy Pizza dudes themselves. Throw a pie in the oven and buckle up your taste buds, brochachos!"


You can choose from four topping options to feed your Stranger Things fan's curiosity: Pepperoni, Supreme, Meat Lovers, or Pineapple Jalapeño. Each $7, the pizza comes in Surfer Boy's signature red-and-white branding. You can even get a variety pack with all four.

Boxed pizza may be boxed pizza, and the reviews are mixed. But some fans have surprisingly glowing things to say about this Netflix x Wal-Mart collab. “My daughter and I are switching to this pizza for our Friday night pizza night. It’s unbelievably delicious,” one reviewer wrote. Another raved, “Wasn’t expecting much, but this pizza was amazing! Hope it sticks around and isn’t a limited time thing because it’s the best frozen pizza I’ve ever had. The crust was flaky and crispy and the sauce was great. The veggies tasted fresh, like it was all great! Got the meat lovers to try with my fiance this weekend. Can’t wait! 100/10.”

This isn't the first time the sci-fi series has inspired foodie trends outside of the fictional world of Hawkins. After Stranger Things featured the retro New Coke in Season 3, it temporarily returned to shelves. And while the exact numbers aren't known, it seems like a safe assumption that Kellogg's enjoyed an influx of new Eggo fans thanks to Eleven's Eggo obsession.

Could Surfer Boy Pizza be the series’ next big food trend? Time will tell, but it sounds like Argyle would approve. Speaking of, if you really want to impress the tween or teen fans under your roof, have them call the actual Surfer Boy Pizza number from Stranger Things (805-45-PIZZA) for a message from the legend himself.

So take your stranger things obsession to the next level so that you can hear from Argyle himself. Netflix released an official surfer boy pizza hotline for promo. One fan tried it and tweeted that she heard the happy birthday song briefly. And the actual location of the pizzeria even pops up in the phone information when you call.

Is Argyle is Season 5?

What would Surfer Boy Pizza be without its main surfer dude, Argyle? Since Season 4 ended in Hawkins, it's safe to say Season 5 will take place in Indiana, so we might not see much of the pizza-munching, pot-smoking character. Although he helped the gang battle Vecna, Argyle probably won't be joining the OG cast and be returning to the Sunshine state.

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