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Target Is Rolling Out Drive-Up Returns Across The Country

All stores nationally will offer the feature by the end of the summer.

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There is perhaps nothing more fun than a Target run if you’re in the right mood and have a little extra time on your hands. But there’s nothing worse than making returns: parking, dealing with the line, dealing with the crowds, and hauling whatever you’re returning back into the store.

But Target is working hard to take away as many of those pain points as possible. Everyone’s favorite big-box store just announced that after a successful pilot program, they will be rolling out drive-up returns in all 2,000 of their stores nationwide — and the process should be complete by this summer.

“Our journey to expand our fulfillment options starts with making it easier for our guests to shop with us,” Mark Schindele, Target’s executive vice president and chief stores officer said in the statement. “That’s why we’re launching Drive Up Returns. Allowing our guests to process a return from the comfort of their car underscores our commitment to helping our guests shop — and return — however they choose.”

The process looks pretty simple: log on to the Target app to start your return. Then let the store know when you’re on your way. Pull in to one of the Drive Up spots and tap the “I’m here” button. Finally, get a return confirmation sent to you.


Target says that the option is for people with pets or kids that are hard to pack in and out of the car as well as people with disabilities or mobility concerns. Or, really, for anyone who just wants to save time.

Best of all? There’s no charge for the service.

Target has been in the process of expanding convenience and Drive Up options since before the pandemic. Stores also offer Order Pick-ups, some of which include the feature of adding on your Starbucks order without having to wait in multiple lines.

Yes, Target is super fun if you have some extra cash in your budget and aren’t pressed for time. But sometimes you are pressed for time and don’t need the home goods sections beckoning you. And sometimes you just need to return the birthday present your mom gave you that’s the exact same thing she gave you last year and then get out of there.

That’s what Drive-Up Returns are going to provide — and that’s super exciting.