Trader Joe’s Is Selling The Cutest Pet Advent Calendars

And they’re under $10.

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Anyone else feeling SO over their kids this holiday season? If your kidding/not kidding answer was yep, a little bit, have you thought about showering more love on your devoted, adorable pets, who would never, ever color on your walls with a Sharpie?

One amazing idea is over at Trader Joe’s — just take all of our money, Trader Joe’s — where they’re selling the cutest advent calendars for both dogs and cats. And everybody, even if they don’t know what Christmas is, loves an advent calendar.

The calendars retail at just $7.49 each and include 24 perforated, numbered windows leading up to Christmas Eve. Behind each door is a tiny bag of treats. For cats it’s a salmon and seaweed bite, while dogs will enjoy salmon and sweet potato. Both types are grain free and free of antibiotics, and they come in cute shapes, like fish and stars.

Over on TikTok, Ruby Ivette gave her followers a closer look at the product after her cat Ramsey broke into it after she brought it home from the store. She shows the treats up close — and then makes sure that her cat likes them.

Yep, he sure does. Looks like a success.

Sadly, you can’t buy these directly from Trader Joe’s online. However, there are a few other stores offering pet advent calendars for same.

Pet Smart has a cat toy advent calendar that is super cute, though it costs about double Trader Joe’s cat treat option. They also have several options for dogs, including ones that feature treats, cookies, and jerky.

Amazon also has a couple, including a super-fancy $50 option that includes “hand-designed luxury dog treats with macaroons, truffles, and dog bone cookies.” Hmmmm, not sure if we love our dog quite that much.

And TikTok will also tell you that you can make your own simple advent calendars for your pets, just using a reusable advent calendar drawer set and some toys and treats. So cute!

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