How to Create A Unicorn Themed Easter Basket That's Totally Magical

by Rachel Aschenbrand-Robinson
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Easter Unicorn Chalk

Fact: Kids go apeshit for unicorns–but, of course, you knew that already. With Easter coming upon us fast and furious, crush the whole parenting thing by swapping the bunny theme for a unicorn Easter basket this year. Because who couldn’t use a little more magic in their life?

The mythical unicorn trend has been holding strong for a few years now, showing no signs of slowing down or fading from kids’ memories–and really, can you blame them? The sparkles, the rainbows, the flowing manes with flowery crowns, and the utter fantasy of it all–it’s like kid catnip! In other words, perfect for an Easter basket.

Putting together a last-minute unicorn Easter basket is easier than you might think. There are tons–like tons–of horned-horse-adorned options out there, from the actual basket itself to candy and treats to games, activity books, stickers, accessories, and more. You name it, there’s a unicorn-themed version available somewhere.

That said, there are a lot of mythical-inspired picks that are more “meh” than magical. To help narrow down what to buy for your little bunny’s Easter basket, we dove into the world of unicorn everything and found some of the cutest, most beloved, best reviewed, quality items to shop this year–all of which can be delivered just in time for the holiday. Here are nine ways to bring rainbows and sparkles right to your door this Easter.

Unicorn Easter Basket Picks:

Now that you’ve put together a perfectly magical unicorn Easter basket, shop more top toy picks that will make you a hero!


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