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Holy Crap, Wayfair Is Selling Hidden Bookcase Door Kits

Will every mother’s dream come true now that you can easily buy and install a secret bookcase door?

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Believe it: Wayfair is selling kits that let you install hidden bookcase doors.
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It’s literally a dream come true. After everyone’s been wanting one since forever, Wayfair is selling kits that let you easily install a hidden bookcase door into your house.

Yes, for real. The kits are sold by a company called InvisiDoor and range in price from about $1,300 to $2,900 depending on your choice of material and the size of the door. The door comes preassembled and ready to roll — it’s just on you (or your requisite handyperson) to install it into your doorframe and add the included hinges.

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The doors can be hinged on either the left or right side and can be set up to swing either in or out. The bookcase part of the door comes with one fixed shelf and three adjustable shelves, plus the option to buy more.

Sadly, pulling a secret book like Through the Looking-Glass from the shelf does not act as a lever that magically unlocks the door. But that’s okay.

And the product description adds a good point: even if you aren’t planning to create a lair straight out of I Dream of Jeannie, these are also great for creating a safe room in your home — or just for fun. They also make great gifts, I bet! Try me!

Just think: you could have a secret mom cave hideaway filled with oversized cushions, flickering candles, and books! You could muffle the whining of your children! You could hide from your in-laws! You could reenact that scene from Young Frankenstein!

Before this, you could have a secret bookcase door, but only if you had either mad carpentry skills or if you had the significant funds to pay for a custom build (and in with today’s lumber prices and labor shortage — forget about it). It’s amazing that there’s now an option more on the level of do-it-yourselfers that’s affordable and easy to install for what it is.

Now all you need is the Beauty and the Beast library and a rolling ladder and you’re all set.

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