A Lisa Frank Adult Coloring Book Is Happening

by Maria Guido
Originally Published: 

Lisa Frank is releasing a line of adult coloring books… there better be stickers, too

Anyone who grew up in the 80’s or 90’s will never be able to see a rainbow-colored ice cream cone or shiny unicorn without thinking of Lisa Frank. Happy neon kittens, pastel whales, multi-colored sundaes — if you could imagine it, Lisa Frank had already put it in sticker form.

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Well you no longer have to force Lisa Frank activity books on your kids, the company is coming out with a line of adult coloring books.

This is not a drill.

They captioned the pic, “Coming soon… Lisa Frank adult coloring!!!” Thirty and forty-somethings everywhere are squealing with delight.

No? Just me? Whatever.

Lisa Frank started what would turn into her multi-million dollar company at age 24 in 1979. Originally the company only produced stickers, painted with her signature airbrush technique. According to a 1983 interview with Lisa Frank cited by Wikipedia, “all of the company’s stickers began with an idea concept, moved into a pencil sketch, and then were painted into an 18×24 painting before they could be approved for production. An individual sticker took, on average, a minimum of three months to fully conceptualize and produce.”

See, it’s not just nostalgia that makes us love this stuff — they were impeccably conceived groovy masterpieces.

Yes, you can find Lisa Frank coloring books for kids, but it’s fun to know that these coloring books were made just for us. They’ll be on sale next month at Dollar General and will be announced on the Lisa Frank Facebook page when they hit the shelves.

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