16 Unicorn Coloring Pages: Free Unicorn Coloring Pages And Books

16 Unicorn Coloring Pages For Your Uni-Obsessed Kiddos

July 27, 2020 Updated July 31, 2020

James Lee/Unsplash

Unicorns. Holy cow. Children of the 90s, do you think our Lisa Frank unicorn obsessions ruined unicorns for our moms? While most of us probably aren’t still super obsessed with those gorgeous, mythical horned-horses, they’ll always hold a place in our nostalgic hearts. It might be getting a little harder to see them and smile now, though. After all, if you’re here, your world is probably nauseatingly full of unicorn crap.

Our guess is that your mini-me has horned everything, right? They loved the unicorn versions of My Little Ponies best. Most likely, your child has multiple, rainbow-colored headbands with uni-horns on them. They even have a shirt that has a picture of a cat… with a mermaid tail… and a unicorn horn. It’s a lot, right? Still. You give the kiddos what they want because it’s the only way to get any peace. And, honestly, it all becomes worth it when you clean out Nana’s basement and find an old, unused unicorn diary to pass down. Your uni-obsessed kiddo will hug it to their chests and your heart will swell.

So, here you are. Looking for fun unicorn coloring pages. And, Mama, you’re in luck. There’s roughly a zillion. We’ve collected some of our favorite places to find unicorn coloring pages. Most of them are free. One site requires you to pay, but the money goes to a good cause. If you’re like many of us, who no longer own a printer, we’ve also rounded up a few of our favorite purchasable unicorn coloring options from Amazon. So, grab your crayons and lets get to coloring.

1. Super Coloring

From incredibly basic to super intricate, Super Coloring has a pretty extensive collection of unicorn coloring pages to print and enjoy.

2. Cool2BKids

If your kid’s new obsession has you feeling particularly nostalgic, this collection is for you. It includes a couple pages straight out of the 80s.

3. Teachers Pay Teachers

Here’s the rub with this massive collection of unicorn coloring pages: You’ll have to buy ’em. However, they’re all created by teachers and the money goes back to them. We all know how our educators could use a bit of a financial boost.

4. PrintColorFun

No matter how “realistic” or quirky you want your unicorns, here’s a ton of variety.

5. Mom Life. Happy Life.

Might have to give email address for these unicorn coloring pages. However, this mama blogger offers some pretty cute and original options that might just make it worth your while.

6. Coloring.Rocks

Need even more options? Coloring Rocks offers a nearly endless supply.

7. Just Color

There’s a mix of difficulty levels from Just Color. Plus, there’s a few that look like My Little Pony characters.

8. Get Coloring Pages

These are sooo cute and there are tons of options for all unicorn lovers.

9. Coloring Home

Coloring Home‘s options are also endless. You’ll just keep scrolling and scrolling. If your little fantasy lover can’t find some unicorns to color here, are we sure they even really like unicorns?

10. Primary Games

Talk about cute. Primary Games even offers a few seasonal pages. What could be better than a unicorn in a beanie and a scarf?

Unicorn Coloring Books And Activities To Purchase

11. Crayola

Of course we know Crayola creates coloring books and coloring pages. This unicorn-centric option is super simple and appropriate for ages 3-6.

12. Small Party Favor Books

If your child is having a full-on unicorn party and you’re looking for a 2-for-1 coloring activity and party favor, look no further. These mini coloring books can be used at the party and then finished at home.

13. Unicorn Magic Activity Roll

Looking for something to color that isn’t the typical coloring book? This activity roll stretches across a couple feet and offers ample places to color unicorns and a few unicorn-themed games, too.

14. Bendon Unicorn Coloring Book

This book is full of those super trendy, simple, bubbly unicorns.

15. Silly Bear Unicorn Coloring Book

These unicorns are little more intricate with more “realistic” features to color. (You know. Other than the horn and possible wings.)

16. Unicorn Coloring Book “For Girls”

While the title is a little eye-roll worthy, this unicorn coloring book was too cool to pass up. It includes some very intricate renderings with zentangle-like designs. Are zentangles still cool? We think so.