Betsey Johnson Collabs With Disney On 'The Little Mermaid' Collection

by Julie Scagell
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Betsey Johnson Collabs With Disney On Adorable 'The Little Mermaid' Merch
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Betsey Johnson and Disney are a dream team

If you’re a fan of Disney (and really — who isn’t?) and you fancy yourself a bit of bling every now and again, you’re gonna be pumped for this collab. Disney teamed up with fashion designer Betsey Johnson on a new line of accessories inspired by its iconic 1989 film, The Little Mermaid.

“Betsey Johnson has collaborated with Disney Parks blending these beloved characters with her whimsical and bold aesthetic to create a splash-tastic collection inspired by Walt Disney Animation Studios’ The Little Mermaid,” Disney Parks announced on its website. The designer created gorgeous sequin-filled Minnie Mouse ear headbands (in teal and coral) as well as a few other pieces that will accessorize the most decorated Disney fan.

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“Want to be the girl who has everything? Then check out the matching jewelry collection featuring bedazzled characters including Flounder and Sebastian along with thingamabobs aplenty!” the company said. “Whether you are looking for a nautical necklace or bold bracelet, shop the full jewelry collection at shopDisney.com this Friday, Feb. 21.” Johnson even did her own take of the “dinglehopper,” with a pair of adorable fork earrings.

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The designer has previously collaborated with Disney in August 2019 on Disney Parks Collection x Betsey Johnson and it’s easy to see why the pairing makes sense — she creates over-the-top collections for a park that gives over-the-top experiences to everyone who walks through their gates — no matter what your age.

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Johnson tweeted about the news, saying in part, “Come meet me at The Disney Dress Shop @Disneyland this Friday Feb 21 from 2PM-4PM and pick up my ‘The Little Mermaid’ inspired collection featuring new jewelry + my latest headband.” Disney added of her appearance, “Life truly is the bubbles under the sea, and you can celebrate the collection in the world above by meeting Betsey Johnson herself .”

The items range in price from $65 to 175, but can you really put a price tag on sequined Minnie ears designed by the queen of outrageous herself? No. No, you cannot.

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Also, who doesn’t want to be draped in the glory of The Little Mermaid? Each item in the collection features a combination of colorful shells, starfish, coral, and of course wouldn’t be complete without some of the characters, like Flounder and Sebastian, making an appearance. You’ll be the most blinged out mermaid in all of Disney — and that’s no easy feat.

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From the people who gave us the Poor Unfortunate Souls Ursula-inspired float that pays homage to everyone’s favorite Disney villain, it only seems fitting to let us drape ourselves in all The Little Mermaid has to offer.

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