Lizzo Celebrates 'Taurus Season' With Unedited Nude Photo

by Julie Scagell

Lizzo looks as gorgeous as ever talking about the importance of self-esteem

Lizzo is celebrating Taurus season in a way only she can — by stripping down and drinking some coffee.

The singer/songwriter and joyfully outspoken proponent for loving your body went fully nude and makeup-free for her latest social media post, partnering on a much-needed cause — to help today’s youth understand that self-esteem shouldn’t be tied to their appearance.

“To celebrate I wanna give y’all this unedited selfie.. now normally I would fix my belly and smooth my skin but baby I wanted show u how I do it au natural,” Lizzo wrote on Instagram next to a gorgeous picture of her casually enjoying her coffee sans clothes. “I am excited to be partnering with @dove and the #DoveSelfEsteemProject which is helping to reverse the negative effects of social media and changing the conversation about beauty standards. Let’s get real y’all.”

The Dove Self Esteem project is, “aligned to promote adolescent body confidence,” and gives access to free downloadable tools that are “designed to allow teachers and schools to run body-confidence workshops. The workshops allow teachers and pupils to explore the impact that image ideals portrayed through the media have on young people’s self-esteem.”

According to the company, “Low body confidence and self-esteem affect young people’s learning. Anxiety about appearance has been linked to poorer concentration and less engagement in class, resulting in worse academic performance. Globally, 8 out of 10 girls admit to opting out of important everyday activities, such as engaging with friends or loved ones, because of concern about their looks.”

This is Lizzo’s second time in a week making headlines via her social media posts. She shared a hilarious story a few days ago about sliding up into actor Chris Evans’ DMs. “Don’t drink and DM, kids,” she wrote, showing a screenshot from Evans’ Instagram that showed she sent him three emojis: The puff of wind, a water polo player, and a basketball. He hilariously responded, “No shame in a drunk DM. God knows I’ve done worse on this app lol.”

When she’s not making new friends online, the singer continues to spread a message of self-love and acceptance. When posting a video of her workout on social media, she quipped, “It may come as a surprise to some of y’all, that I’m not working out to have your ideal body type,” after being scrutinized for her body.

She also put a male reporter in his place who pressed her on her success despite her “unconventional look.”

“I think that women are always going to be criticized for existing in their bodies,” Lizzo said, “and I don’t think I’m any different than any of the other great women who’ve come before me that had to literally be politicized just to be sexual… you know what I mean? [Just to] exist.” She also talked about men’s roles (ahem reporter) in perpetuating dangerous standards for women. “So, what does that tell you about the oppressor? What does that tell you about men? Get it together, we don’t talk about your dick sizes, do we? Like, ‘That’s not a conventional dick size, it’s too small.’ We still let ya’ll asses run all over the goddamn place.”

God bless this woman.