L'Oreal's Wonder Water Really Does Work Wonders

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Courtesy of Katie Bingham-Smith and Amazon

My daughter loves to send me TikToks with all the latest food trends, beauty tips, and sweet animal videos. It’s our bonding time and I look forward to it very much. She likes to wait until she’s sent me a bunch of them so we can sit on the sofa and watch them for a while.

The other day, I opened one up and this woman was trying something called Wonder Water — it’s a hair treatment and one I’d never heard of.


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Now, just to give you some background on me and my frizzy mane, I grew up in the ‘80s and ‘90s and loved my Sun-In, drowning my hair in lemon juice, and my VO5 hot oil treatments. In other words, I’d abuse my locks then think I could correct the damage with some hot oil love.

When Frizz Ease hit the market and I could afford it, I used that shit every day.

And when I went to college, you didn’t just walk into a store and buy a straightening iron (gasp). They didn’t come out until a bit later, so I’d use the widest curling iron I could find and try and try to fashion my wavy/frizzy hair (that I’d bleached with a two-dollar bottle of hair dye from the grocery store) into something I’d see on the cover of Vogue. Yeah, it never worked.

I guess you could say I’ve tried all the hair products to try and get my hair nice and smooth and tame the frizz–every kind of shampoo, conditioner, mask, and keratin treatment has been in my dry hair.

Now that I’m older and I don’t fry my hair with acids and store-bought bleach, it still wants to be all damaged and hay-like so I need to stay on top of it. Shit yeah, I’m going to try anything anyone says works — especially if I can go to the drug store and get it for around $10.

If you’ve been living under a rock (like I have, apparently) and you are new to Wonder Water, I’ve got a treat for you: This shit works and was like nothing else I’ve used in my hair.

Katie Bingham-Smith

This is my hair before using Wonder Water. I always have to keep it trimmed up because my ends get so dry and tangly, especially after a workout. I have hair that feels healthy for about five days after a trim, then that’s it– we are back to brillo pad ends.

Katie Bingham-Smith

Since I was a virgin to Wonder Water and wanted to use it correctly, I did some research and went right to the source — L’oreal — who said you wash your hair before applying.

After your scalp is scrubbed, you apply the water to the middle of your hair, down to your ends, running your hands in a zig-zag motion.

Okay, easy enough.

First, I noticed how good this product smelled. It was light and floral and I already felt like my hair was healthier just from the scent.

I’d read you leave it on for eight seconds only and the water will adjust according to your damage.


I noticed my hair was suddenly transformed into something that felt like cornsilk and I couldn’t stop touching it. The Wonder Water got foamy and my hair quadrupled in size. It got really puffy, which let me know it was working. It was extremely satisfying and I was tempted to leave it in longer and perhaps act out an intoxicating scene where I emerge from the shower with long, glossy locks for all the world to see. Then, I thought better of it and decided to stick to the 8-second script.

After rinsing, my hair felt so wonderful I wasn’t even sure if I needed to condition it, but I did anyway.

My drying brush glided through my hair while I was drying it and it looks better than when I got a keratin treatment at the salon.

Since I have fine hair, I used maybe a quarter of the bottle so I’ll have some leftover. However, if you have thicker, fuller hair, or curly hair, you will need to use more.

Katie Bingham-Smith

Typically when I’ve used serums, oil treatments, or conditioners or masks that are too heavy, you can tell because it looks like I tried to wash my hair with bacon grease.

Katie Bingham-Smith

You don’t have to worry about that with Wonder Water because, again, this stuff adjusts to you. You literally can’t mess this up.

I’m beyond excited to try a product and have it work for my hair. I’ll be using this until the end of time and I love that it’s accessible and affordable.

Now, my only problem will be trying to keep enough in stock for me and my daughter. Because believe me, if mama runs out of her Wonder Water, she isn’t going to be happy.

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