Here’s Everything I’m Planning to Make ‘Social Distance’ Summer Fun (Because My Family Needs It)

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My family takes summer very seriously. Long before the weather gets warm, we spend hours researching and selecting summer camps, putting outdoor concerts and festivals on our calendar, and planning a big vacation.

This summer, though? Well, it’s going to be a little bit different. Okay, it’s going to be a lot different. After months in the house due to a worldwide pandemic, we’re eager to have some fun even if we do have to continue to social distance.

My family is being really flexible, and I’ve spent a lot of time putting together a summer schedule that maximizes the things that we can do without focusing on the activities we’ll have to miss out on this year.

As much thought as I’ve put into making sure our summer runs smoothly, sometimes things just don’t go the way we plan. That’s why I love Walgreens. They make it easy for me to take care of last-minute things that come up — I can pop in and speed-grab the stuff I need or roll up to the drive-thru to refill my husband’s allergy prescription, and curbside pickup is perfect for literally everything else.

When it comes to this summer, even if you have to be socially distant, there’s still plenty of sunshine to make memories with your family.

Backyard Camping

One of the perks of planning a social distance summer of fun is that you don’t have to go far to have a good time. In fact, for backyard camping, you don’t even have to leave the house. Plus, when someone inevitably decides they’re over it, you’re already home.

Make a quick trip to Walgreens to pick up treats like Pringles and frozen ice cream cones, and don’t forget the bug spray. You can be in and out of your neighborhood Walgreens in the amount of time it would take you to stand in line at a big box store.

Think beyond the backyard, too. If your backyard isn’t suitable for camping, pitch a tent right in the living room. You could do like we’ve done and set up sleeping bags and big comforters on the patio or deck, too.

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Fun at the Beach

If your family is missing interaction with other families and friends, the beach is big enough to hang out and still maintain six feet of distance.

A beach trip only needs a few things. Trying to scramble and locate bathing suits from last summer and towels can take a lot out of a mom, though. The scramble is enough to make you want to stay home. Don’t stress! Summer is supposed to be easy. Even this summer.

So just pick up sunscreen, sunglasses and Band Aids (for those boardwalk blisters) from Walgreens without leaving the car. Place your order online and use curbside pickup on your way to the beach. See, easy peasy.

Drive-In Movies

One good thing that has come out of the pandemic is that drive-in movies are making a comeback. It’s an activity made for social distancing. But you might be thinking that spending 90s minutes inside your vehicle with small kids could be a bit of a disaster.

There’s no hard-and-fast rule that says families must sit inside their vehicles, so pack your fold-up chairs and bring them along. If you have a minivan or compact car, pop the hatch for the kids. Have a truck? Set up blankets in the back bed, and get cozy. Make sure to pack paper towels and paper plates to go with all the movie snacks you brought, and bring your own trash bag — this way you can throw away and go at the end of the night.

Take a Hike

Just because you can’t hop on a flight doesn’t mean you can’t find a way to explore a new place.

I have a list of no less than a dozen locations within a two-hour drive from my home where my family and I are going to hike this summer. You don’t have to love hiking to appreciate discovering a blooming field or bubbling creek. Plus, hiking can be spontaneous. If you’re out on a drive and see a great park that you’d like to explore, but you don’t have your essentials like sunscreen, water, bug spray, or mosquito bite relief, you can just stop at Walgreens to pick up everything you need.

Explore Your Neighborhood

A lot of the activities I planned for my family this summer are right in our neighborhood. We have a weekly scavenger hunt planned where we’re looking for all of the houses with red doors, and the front yards that have roses in the garden. I have sidewalk chalk for hopscotch, and bubbles for my little one to chase.

We’re going on walks to look at murals, and my daughter has an old cellphone that she’s going to use to take pictures and make a photo album. Of course Walgreens has that covered, too. We can make a photo album from a computer, or right from our cell phone, and it can be picked up same-day at the store.

Yes, this summer is going to be different. But we can still make memories together. At least, that’s what I’m planning.

Summer might look a little different this year, but Walgreens allows busy moms to keep summer fun by providing what moms need quickly. Walgreens small-box stores, drive-thru and curbside pickup options help moms feel safe when venturing out into the world to get quick errands done.

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