25 Of The Most Fun And Interactive Maze Games For Every Kid And Every Level

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Do you have a little maze-obsessed kiddo in your life? Mazes are great cognitive exercises for your child’s developing mind, and it also helps that they’re so fun to play! But searching for kid-friendly mazes online can be like walking through a field of malware landmines. Some are great and interactive and visually appealing. Others look like they’re hosted on an AOL 2.0 site. With that in mind, we’ve curated a list of 25 of the best interactive maze games for kids of every level of difficulty and age. Hopefully, these will steer you in the right direction.

Mazes are the OG brain teaser! Remember when you would finish them in record time in grade school? Well, you can give your child the same experience and amazing childhood. We’ve gathered several mazes from different categories your little one can choose from based on their interest. Mazes are a great way to boost your kiddo’s brain muscles and develop their problem-solving skills. It also teaches them patience, perseverance, and cognitive skills. Some even help with hand-eye coordination. They can also be used to improve your child’s confidence. Every kid loves to get an answer right and tackling a maze can make them feel just as accomplished, intelligent, and able. The mazes provided below are also segmented by level, so if your kid needs to be challenged further, you won’t even have to leave our page.

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Beginner and super easy

1. Math Is Fun

Math is Fun offers a collection of mazes, most of them are easy to do online or in print.

2. Animal Maze

This super cute maze will help teach kiddos about animals’ homes and babies.

3. Ladybug

Help the little ladybug make it home.

4. Rocket to Earth

Simple enough: Get the rocket to Earth. Each time you make it, you’re bumped up to another, slightly more difficult level. The good news? Nothing is timed and there are no real mistakes — you just keep driving your rocket and turning around until you get back to Earth.

5. Duck Maze

While we have no idea what the duck, blue circle or bonfire have in common, they’re all necessary for this super simple maze.

6. Space Explorer

Move the rocket to the orange star while making sure you don’t crash into any planets.

7. Under The Sea Fun

Help the fish reach his destination and you win.


Don’t get bitten by ants as you kick the soccer ball towards the ultimate goal: The blue star.

9. Hope’s Babysitting Maze

Help the babysitter take care of the baby by collecting things the baby needs along the way.


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10. Fun Maze

This gets harder the longer you play and further you move.

11. Mazes.WS

Two different medium skill level mazes you can use to play online or print and do at home. Maze 1 and Maze 2 are much more complex that anything in the previous column. Can you nail ’em?

12. Mickeyman

Yes, Mickeyman. While this may not be an officially sanctioned Disney-inspired maze, it will certainly pique your kiddo’s interest and get those wheels turning.

13. Tank Trouble 2

Move your tank around the maze without getting blown up by the other tank. This is pretty simple and, bonus, you can move to a harder level once you master the original.

14. Cool Math Games Maze

Don’t worry! Despite the name, there’s no real math involved in getting through this maze.

15. Emily and the Magic Maze

This Halloween-y maze is so cute and fun. Help Emily collect candy on the way to the end of her maze!

16. Aqua Energizer

An under water adventure that has you dodging two enemies — Mean fish and exploding rocks.

17. Egyptian Maze

Avoid the mummies to escape this spooky labyrinth.

18. Mazes x Infinity

The mazes change each time around. Can you make it through each round?

Advanced = super hard

19. Roll The Ball

Ever played with one of those super cool Perplexus balls? The Roll The Ball maze is not dissimilar to that, but requires even more forethought and fast thinking.

20. Super Maze Time Attack 2

Not for the weak willed. Super Maze Time is super intense! Not only do you have to get through a pretty difficult maze, you must do it while dodging moving obstacles and collecting diamonds.

21. PacMan Maze

Miss the good old fashioned arcade days? This fruit-collecting, zombie-dodging maze will bring back a ton of memories.

22. Mazes.WS

This maze-centric site strikes again. This time with two extra hard mazes that you can play online or print for free. Maze 1 and Maze 2 are ready to be conquered. Can ya do it?

23. Crazy Mazes

Love the Mazes.WS games? They also offer 20 “crazy mazes” that they describe as their most difficult yet.

24. Maze Runner

Remember the Maze Runner movie? Check out this cool 3D maze ode to the film.

25. Math Is Fun

While most of MIF’s mazes are simple enough, their “hard maze” is, no joke, pretty hard. If you print this one out, make sure you use a pencil or print plenty of do-over pages.

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