7 Best, Free Online Games For Toddlers At Age 3

Free Online Games For Toddlers That Are Educational And Surprisingly Fun

free online games toddler age 3

If there’s one thing most three-year-olds love, it’s the intrigue of your computer or tablet screen. And if there’s another thing they love, it’s the opportunity to play any type of game. Your living room may be full of board games and toys, but it certainly can’t hurt to find some fun, educational online games for your tot to play. (It’ll make car rides a whole lot easier for both of you.)

Here are some enjoyable online games for your curious three-year-old. They’ll be having so much fun with characters like Boris the Magician that they won’t even notice they’re learning valuable new skills. 

1. Boris the Magician

If your three-year-old needs to get the hang of clicking the keyboard keys, there’s no better way to learn than by watching a magic show put on by the adorable Boris the Magician. Your kid needs to click in order to keep the show going and see the next trick Boris has up his sleeve. 

2. Alphabet BINGO

You’ve been working on the alphabet with your little one, and a fun game like Alphabet BINGO will certainly make the process more enjoyable for both of you. Kids listen to animated characters as they say a letter, and click on the corresponding letter in the grid. 

3. Balls and Boxes

Balls and Boxes teaches your child the basics of concentration and coordination. Balls jump out of boxes, and it’s the player’s job to drag them back to where they belong. When they get it right, they’ll receive points and move forward; if they get it wrong, the game will restart. 

4. Create Mosaics

Create Mosaics teaches logic skills and will help your tot finish learning their colors. At the bottom of the screen, there’s a complete grid comprised of anywhere between four and six different colors. It’s your kid’s job to handle the large blank grid in the center of the screen by filling it in with the correct colors so it matches the original image. A check button will let your tot know that they’ve completed the mosaic correctly. 

5. Counting Pizza Party

In Counting Pizza Party, your three-year-old can make their own pizza and work on their counting skills when they play this game. They get to decide what type of pizza they want to make, then they’ll select toppings from an array of both traditional and wacky options. When customers make their requests, it’s up to your kid to make sure they get the correct amount of toppings on their pie. (We’re getting hungry just thinking about it.) 

6. Learning the Shapes

Animated shape characters inhabit this game to help your child in their first foray into geometry. In Learning the Shapes, the characters will introduce basic shapes including a square, rectangle, triangle, circle, oval, heart, and star. The game has two types of exercises for each shape: A recognition lesson that tests recall ability, and a coloring exercise that teaches the same lesson in a more hands-on (and colorful) way. 

7. Animals and their Babies

For the three-year-old who adores animals, Animals and their Babies is the perfect game to help them learn the names of their favorite creatures and their offspring. Your child is tasked with reuniting animals with their babies, which they’ll achieve by following sun and cloud clues. 

Written by Caitlin Flynn.

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