Meghan Markle Gets Mom-Shamed For How She's Carrying Baby Archie

by Cassandra Stone
Toby Melville/Getty

Mom-shamers went WILD over the way Meghan was carrying Archie in his baby carrier

While out enjoying a new chapter of her life, minding her own business, Meghan Markle was snapped by Canadian paparazzi while on a walk with her son and two dogs. The photos were quickly plastered all over the internet, and even if they were unwanted photos, she looks beautiful and relaxed in them. But that didn’t stop the Mommy Shamers from coming out in droves to comment on the way she’s carrying baby Archie in his baby carrier.

Journalist Yashar Ali shared the images on Twitter, showing a happy-looking Meghan out and about in normal clothes, doing normal things. Now we can’t know if she was truly happy about these photos being snapped — the lawsuit she and Prince Harry have threatened implies that the smile here is fully for optics and so headlines don’t scream “MEGHAN LOOKS MISERABLE WITH NEW LIFE ALREADY.”

Naturally the International Baby Carrying Experts weighed in almost immediately, shaming Meghan for the child abuse she wrought upon poor wee Archie, who was clearly clinging to life in these photos. (Insert infinite eye rolls here.)

Critics of her baby-carrying can be found everywhere. Suddenly random individuals and even some “news” outlets became baby chiropractors overnight.


Sigh. *Rubs temples slowly*

The carrier she’s using is the Ergobaby Omni 360 All Positions baby carrier. This means, believe it or not, that ALL POSITIONS are accessible in this baby carrier.


And, if you’re going to look at these photos with a fine-toothed comb, you can see that one of the buttons behind Archie is unlatched. Which suggests — quite strongly — that he was forward-facing initially. She likely unlatched him quickly and turned him around to face her once the photographers were spotted.

Why? Well, to speculate, maybe she didn’t want Archie’s face splattered all across tabloid magazines (given the couple’s firm stance on press boundaries, this is extremely understandable). Maybe she wanted to shield the baby so he didn’t become scared. You know, because strangers snapping photos at you with long-lens cameras in the woods on a walk with your mommy is a little daunting for a nine-month-old infant.

Unlatching him on one side to quickly turning him around was likely a mother’s instinct at work, and not the dubious machinations of a mother who doesn’t care if her baby is “safe” or “comfortable.”

Yashar put it perfectly when he called out the mom-shamers on his Twitter feed.


Yes, exactly this. I’m sure she’s devastated to have angered a legion of self-appointed baby hip experts online, given everything going on in her life at present.

Please, leave this family alone and let them enjoy their newfound peace.