The 'Men Write Women Characters' Twitter Trend Is So Good

Lucy Huber/Twitter

If you’ve ever rolled your eyes or audibly chortled when reading a dude author’s description of a woman, this trend is for you, friend

With all due respect to men writers out there, we can’t help but notice that when writing about women, they somehow manage to miss the mark when describing women’s, uh, physical attributes. If you’ve ever picked up a new book written by a dude and found yourself audibly laughing, groaning, or straight-up rolling your eyes over the women characters’ “nonchalant” breasts, “vibrating” cleavage, and 45-minute menstrual cycle (LOL), the ‘men write women characters’ trend is officially for you.

Originating in 2019 when book lover Meghan Vondriska launched the ‘Men Writing Women’ Reddit community, inviting fellow bookworms from all over the world to share their hilarious and maddening findings. Vondriska has since started Men Write Women Instagram and Twitter pages, and of course, men doing what men do best, even “woke” ones are still describing women in print in truly baffling ways.

It seems like men have caught on to the fact that women really don’t want to be described like they’re straight out of a bizarre male fantasy, but that doesn’t mean things have improved much. As writer Lucy Huber recently mused on Twitter, women characters are still hilariously one-dimensional. “Shes 100% BADASS. Smart? She’s the BRAINS of the operation even though she’s NOT in charge. Superpowers? Got ‘em. Flaws? Yup. She’s slightly clumsy and too HOT and THIN for other women to be friends with her. A past? We didn’t THINK about that,” she joked.

It’s true, she’s not like other girls, with Huber adding, “She DOESNT know how to interact with children but she DID just eat a whole pizza.”

To be fair, at least she’s no longer sporting a see-through top with miraculously tiny feet and blink-and-you’ll-miss-them periods. Right… right??!!

Huber’s followers have had fun in the replies crafting their own imaginary literary characters inspired by the works of the woke male writer, sharing instances they’ve seen and making up literary ladies of their own.

Ah yes, doesn’t your perfectly long, flowing hair manage to cover your breasts just so without getting caught in your armpits after waking with a case of the night sweats? Ours too!

To all our fellow adorably clumsy gals out there who sidle our perfect 34C chests up to the bar for a whiskey — straight up, on the rocks, of course — we salute you. Go forth and prosper with your perky bosoms, tanned and toned legs, and unmistakably perfect demeanor. Your dream man is surely waiting for you on the next page. (RIGHT?!!)