Tell Your Husband To Dump His Shaving Cream

by Sara Farrell Baker
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My husband is a no-frills kind of guy. He likes things as simple as possible and that especially applies to his grooming habits. After many fruitless attempts to get him to use a little hair product, I started ambushing him before special events like weddings and christenings.

If I wanted his hair to look a little more polished in pictures, I would put a tiny bit of pomade in my hands before reaching out to him for a hug. Once he was close — BAM. (I would like to inform anyone about to jump down my throat that I am a licensed cosmetologist and a Capricorn and he knew what kind of monster I was long before he decided to marry me.)

Throughout our 10 years together, he has rebuffed almost all of my attempts at upgrading his uncomplicated list of toiletries. All except one.

Our last wedding anniversary was our fifth and apparently the gift for that is wood. *Plays ’70s porn music and dims the lights.*

Sorry. Couldn’t stop myself.

As I was saying, I wanted to give my husband something made from trees. I finally saw my path to a possible product replacement.

I bought him a wooden shaving soap bowl.


And since I was buying him the soap bowl, well I had to buy him some shaving soap to go with it.


And a cute little brush.


Because these were gifts to honor and celebrate our marriage, he humored me. And folks, he did not regret it.

Your standard dollar store shaving creams from those aerosol cans are on their way out. Not only are they awful for the environment, but the shaving cream itself is terrible for the skin. And it reeks. It’s full of alcohol, so it’s very drying and irritating. A good shaving soap is full of quality ingredients like shea butter, which leaves skin feeling moisturized and smooth. Shaving soaps also build up a nice lather that helps a razor move effortlessly over the skin. No more nicks and scrapes!

My husband is coming up on a year without Barbasol, and despite his initial hesitation, he has no desire to go back. His face feels smooth and hydrated after a shave instead of sucked dry and scratchy. His skin looks amazing, and he knows it. Now if only I could get him to feel the same way about a little styling wax.

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