50 Minion Jokes That Are So Funny It's Despicable

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Minion Jokes
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When minions arrived, they took over the world — or at least Facebook for a spell. The little yellow guys from Despicable Me gained their own impressive degree of fame for simply being cute. So, of course, minion jokes came next. Granted, minion jokes aren’t necessarily the memes you often see. As these bumbling yellow fellows have taken over social media, some of the best minion jokes to surface center on how much fun minions’ personalities are. Even if you haven’t seen Despicable Me, you still can recognize a minion when you see one — and that’s the mark of a solid character.

Three people get the credit for creating the minions: Eric Guillon, Pierre Coffin, and Chris Renaud. Wanna know another cool thing about these zany characters? The minions were actually supposed to be robots in the movie. Instead, they morphed into toddler-like henchmen, quick to spout out nonsense and funny words. That’s what probably made them extra appealing. They’re cute, kids think they’re hilarious, and they’re strong enough characters to hold their own movie despite their lack of a fully developed language.

That last point is fascinating if you think about it. “The minions’ native language is part of their unique appeal,” explains Vox. “Because the minions already feel so ubiquitous, it’s hard to remember just how audacious it is that one of the largest kids’ movies of this summer is, for all intents and purposes, a foreign language film.” However, even though they speak mostly gibberish, the writers and animators behind the minions have found other ways to showcase their glowing — yet, often chaotic — personalities. It’s yet another reason why people seem so fond of them.

Minion jokes are a great way to explore comedy with your younger children, especially if they’ve watched Despicable Me and its sequels multiple times. Here are some of the best.

Minion Jokes

  1. What do you call someone who has a lot of minions?

A minion-aire.

  1. Why do minions wear two pairs of pants to the golf course?

In case they get a hole in one.

  1. What do minions call their Grandmothers?


  1. What did a Mom minion say to her child on their birthday?

“You’re one in a minion.”

  1. What search engine is the most popular with the minions?


  1. What’s Bob’s favorite Tom Cruise movie?

Minion Impossible.

  1. How do minions save money?

They use Gru-Pon.

  1. What do minions eat on Halloween?


  1. Did you not like Despicable Me at first?

Maybe it Gru on you with time.

  1. Why couldn’t the minion yell high?

Because he could only yell low.

  1. Why do minions like bananas so much?

They find them a-peeling.

  1. What’s the quickest way for minions to get from the second floor to the first?

Sliding down the banana-ster, of course!

  1. What happened to the minions between Despicable Me and Despicable Me 2?

They Gru up.

  1. Where does Gru take Kyle to get his fur trimmed?

The Gru-mers.

  1. What did the minions give Gru two banana skins for his birthday?

Because he wanted a pair of slippers.

  1. Where do minions love to shop?

Banana Republic.

  1. Why was the minion so scared at the movie theater?

The movie he saw was too Gru-some.

  1. What type of bread do minions prefer?

Gru-ten free.

  1. What did the banana say to the minion?

Nothing — bananas can’t talk!

  1. What did minions hear aboard the Titanic?

“Minion and children first!”

  1. What did the doctor say to the minion?

“You’ve got yellow fever.”

  1. What would you call a minion with black stripes all over its body?

A despicable bee.

  1. What classic novel do minions like to read?

Little Minions.

  1. What is worse than a minion eating bananas?

A minion going bananas.

  1. What can you call a small onion?

A Mini-on!

  1. When was the first Despicable Me movie released in theaters?

I’m not sure, but it feels like a minion years ago.

  1. What’s a minion’s favorite song?

“Mellow Yellow” by Donovan.

  1. What’s a minion’s second favorite song?

“Yellow Submarine” by The Beatles.

  1. Why do minions take their bananas to hairdressers?

Because they get split ends.

  1. What car do minions like to drive?


  1. What type of schools do minions like best?

Banana sundae schools.

  1. What’s another word for a minion?

A Gru-pie.

  1. What did the Russian government do when they needed to replace their spies?

They Gru new ones.

  1. What meal would a minion never order in a restaurant?

Liver and minions.

  1. What did the police officer say when they met up with Bob, Stuart, and Kevin?

Yellow, yellow, yellow.

  1. What do you call a minion that trips and falls on the grill?

Filet minion.

  1. What do minions say when they pick up the telephone?


  1. What do minions exceed at in school?

Gru-p projects.

  1. What’s yellow and always points north?

A magnetic minion.

  1. Why did the minion call an ambulance?

His banana wasn’t peeling well.

  1. Why did the minion quit his job?

The hours were too Gru-eling.

  1. How much does it cost to rent minions?

A minion dollars.

  1. What do you get when you cross Gru with a pug?

A group hug.

  1. What do you call a minion’s Nintendo Wii character?

A Despicable Mii.

  1. Why couldn’t the minion understand what the Shetland pony was saying?

Because it was a little hoarse.

  1. How did the minions become president?

They staged a Gru d’etat.

  1. What are the chances of Gru’s henchmen having a singular eye?

One in a minion.

  1. What’s clear and smells like bananas?

A minion fart.

  1. What did the minion say when working out by lifting crates of bananas?

“I can peel the burn!”

  1. What did the minion do to make himself more like his dad?

He Gru!

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