Mom Misidentifies The Family Dog And Twitter Can't Stop Laughing

by Valerie Williams
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Image via Twitter

She wasn’t just a little off — she was way off

In possibly the most viral tweet we’ve ever seen, a son shares the hilarious tale of his mom proving she has no clue what her own dog looks like.

Be prepared to die laughing. This entire story is simply amazing.

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Moms have a lot of shit on their minds. We can’t be expected to know everything, and for one mom, that includes small details such as, what the family dog looks like. Jeff Squires shared photo and text evidence of his mother’s dog identification fail, and it immediately blew up on Twitter — over 200,000 retweets and climbing.

“Yesterday I learned that my mom has no idea what our dog looks like,” Squires tweets.

In a screenshot of a text exchange, we see Squires’ mother asking if their dog “Dewy” is home. Squires says he’s at the guitar center so he’s not sure of their dog’s status, and that’s when mom shares her worry that he’s gone missing.

Image via Twitter

It was after seeing a photo on Facebook of a lost dog picked up by the local warden that she became concerned about good ol’ Duey (it’s confirmed in the Twitter thread that mom messed up his name too), but Squires was quick to put her fears to rest. Because that dog is definitely not Duey.

Image via Twitter

Squires corrects his mom and then proves his point by showing Twitter a photo of the family’s actual dog who looks absolutely nothing like the lost pup. Not the same coloring. Like, not even the same breed.

Image via Twitter

Squires is in total disbelief at his mom’s epic fail.

And Twitter is in complete hysterics.

They’re also (hilariously) trying to help locate “missing” Duey.

Even Guitar Center weighed in.

And at least one Twitter user commiserated with proof of their own parents totally forgetting what the dog looks like.

If nothing else, at least Squires can now rest easy knowing he’s not alone in having a mom who can’t recognize the dog. And we can all have a good laugh.

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