A Moms-Only Sleepover? Yes, Please!

by A. Rochaun
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When images surfaced of young starlet Selena Gomez and a group of her friends in adorable pajamas, I was awestruck. Sure, the clothes were cute, but what I was really jealous of was that these young adults were having a sleepover like in the good ole days.

The photos sent me down memory lane. From childhood through college, sleepovers with my best friend are some of the most vibrant of my favorite memories. When I graduated from college, I mourned the loss of sleepovers more than the end of free food. And when I saw those two lines on a pregnancy test, I knew my sleepover days were over.

However, seeing Ms. Gomez’s images reminded me that adulthood doesn’t have to be the end of fun. Similarly, motherhood does not have to be the end of close-knit female friendships.

Mothers work extremely hard to provide for our families, and we often give way past empty. It’s time we put ourselves first and take a break from the pressures of everyday life. What better way to get that break than in the form of mommy sleepovers.

Here are a few things that can make our sleepovers the stuff of dreams.

Pregame Dinner Date

An epic night deserves an epic start. Before a night of giggles, games, and wine gulps, I want to eat. But I don’t just want to eat; I want an unlimited buffet of gourmet food. Imagine having access to cuisine from all around the world prepared by all of our favorite celebrity chefs. If you aren’t in a complete food coma by the end of the meal, Buddy Valastro of “Cake Boss” will bring three decadently flavored cakes.

If all of that isn’t awesome enough, finding out there will be free unlimited room service would be the cherry on top.

Guess Who Trivia

Have you ever felt like motherhood is so wild you deserve a TV show? A good way to destress from your family is to make their most shocking actions and phrases into a trivia game! During Guess Who, your group of friends take turns trying to guess whose partner, kids, and even pets were guilty of the ridiculous things on the selected card.

This game gives everyone the chance to laugh at the outrageous things our families do, but it’s also a therapeutic chance to vent about what stresses us out through the week. Of course, if this game doesn’t work, Cards Against Humanity (AKA, the worlds best party game) is an excellent option.

Group Massage… Because Of Course

Talking about the annoying things your family does can be exhausting and cathartic. But is there any better way to relax than tandem massages? Let me help you — the answer is no. Imagine two massage professionals trained in all the hottest technique working on you at the same time. Just thinking about it is the stuff of dreams.

Mom vs. Mom Laser Tag

Just because you love your friends doesn’t mean they won’t get on your nerves sometimes. Kendra is always taking the spotlight, Jessica talks too damn much, and don’t even get started on Ashley. When you hit that inevitable point that you wanna punch someone, it’s time to head to mom versus mom laser tag. Feel free to make whatever rules you want. Teams of two, half in half, or individuals. Doesn’t matter how you group as long as you’re ready to kick butt. But if I were you, I’d side with the winner of Guess Who trivia—she has a ton of pent-up anger.

But All You Really Need Is Love

It’s entirely possible that your idea of a dream sleepover looks nothing like mine. For many of us, myself included, this sleepover is the stuff of dreams we could never afford. That’s okay.

In reality, meeting up with my friend with a bag of popcorn and a few days’ worth of scary movies is more than enough for me. Mothers are often underappreciated and when no one else understands, your group of moms will. Cherish your support network and get together to do whatever works best for you. The most important thing is that you use this time to initiate self-care by interacting with your support system.

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