11 Moon Coloring Pages That'll Make You Feel Simply Tre-Moon-Dous

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moon coloring pages

Feeling a little down? Try looking up at the night sky. The stars and moon are a great reminder that it’s a big world out there. Sometimes, taking time for a midnight stroll to take in nature and get some fresh air is exactly what you need. Unfortunately, some areas might not be great for stargazing, which is where moon coloring pages come in. You’re probably wondering just how many different ways one can imagine the moon, after all, it’s just another big, circular rock in space. Oh, but it’s so much more than that. If you have a budding astrophysicist in your home then you know that this luminescent satellite in our night sky is so much more complex than that. Just like our collection of star coloring pages, these moon coloring pages are incredibly engaging and there’s more variety than you might think.

Looking up, you may assume the moon is white in color, making moon coloring pages not a lot of fun. But, it’s not actually true. The moon itself is gray, and it often takes on colors based on the Earth’s atmosphere. So, sometimes it may appear to be a bit pink or red. Other times, it might look blue. Regardless of your selection, moon coloring pages can morph into anything you imagine.

Here are some to get you started.

Free Printable Moon Coloring Pages

Moon No. 1

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There are a lot of happy faces on this moon coloring page. Along with a few moons, you have clouds nestled in, ready for bed. This is a really cute coloring page you can easily turn into more. Perhaps you can print out a few, laminate them, and turn them into a homemade mobile for a child’s bedroom.

Moon No. 2

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This moon looks very simple, which is part of the reason why it seems so fun to color in. Shaped similarly to a banana, you can also use yellow to give this moon a little personality. Or, go wild. Make it light gray and see if you can add subtle pencil detail that includes craters. Give your version of the moon a little personality, and even a name. Did you know that while the Romans referred to the moon as Luna, the Greeks dubbed it Selene and Artemis after their goddesses?

Moon No. 3

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This moon is even simpler. It’d be cute to draw in a face, but even as is, it’ll be a good coloring project to help relieve tension. Try staying directly in the lines, and don’t be afraid to add a little shimmer or sparkle (or, gasp — even real glitter) to make this one stand out. After all, the moon is the brightest object in our night sky, second only to the Sun. It is also our only permanent satellite. It’s ours alone, isn’t that cool?

Moon No. 4

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On the topic of craters, this moon will be a lot of fun for anyone in your family who digs cartoons or comics. A turquoise blue would make it stand out even more.

Moon No. 5

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Meanwhile, this moon is cartoony in a completely different way. But, its design leads you to really focus on the craters. Fun fact: did you know that there are several different types of craters? Lunar impact craters are identified by three different categories: complex craters, simple craters, and basins. So if you’re currently homeschooling, you might want to turn this coloring page into an actual assignment.

Moon No. 6

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If you were born in the ’70s or ”80s, you might remember the mascot of Mac Tonight from McDonald’s. This coloring page could easily become the long-lost mascot. All he needs is a pair of shades (and cool attire) to complete the look. Not a fan of fast food mascots? Makes sense. A glittery bronze-colored marker or pen can turn this page into something else incredible.

Moon No. 7

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This moon coloring page is quite calming, so it’ll be a great exercise if you’re coloring with pencils to de-stress. The small details will be a lot of fun to fill in. This could also be a good inspiration for a tattoo if you feel like you’re one with nature.

Moon No. 8

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Are you more into the phases of the moon? Then, this cute and simple coloring page may be ideal. The image on the left may be the most fun to color in. Deep purples and blues may bring out the night sky in a way you never imagined.

Moon No. 9

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Have you completed the seventh coloring page and feel the need for something even more challenging? This page is awe-inspiring and looks like something straight from a classic children’s book of fables. If you’ve ever dreamed of illustrating children’s stories, this is a great first step.

Moon No. 10

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This is a moon coloring page that moms can deeply relate to. When the moon comes out, it’s time to relax and practice a little bit of self-care. If you want to make this page slightly more relatable, you may want to draw in a sheet mask around the moon’s eyes and nose. It’s one of the best ways to recharge and welcome a new day.

Moon No. 11

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This crescent moon is perfect to pair with a sweet lullaby. Did you know historically the moon has been a feminine symbol? It represents intuition, birth, and wisdom. That sounds about right! This sweet crescent moon even has freckles! Did you know no one actually comes out of the womb with freckles? They appear after being exposed to sunlight.

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