Squeak! These 11 Mouse Coloring Pages Are Almost Too Cute

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Mouse Coloring Pages
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Very few people seem to like the idea of coming across a mouse. Find a mouse in your house? At least a half-dozen people will say, “There’s never just one.” And, OK, that admittedly doesn’t sound like the most excellent prospect when you’re talking about real mice. But cartoon mice? Disney character mice? Mice riding motorcycles, wearing cute little outfits, or talking to cats? Those mice are flippin’ adorable. They make easy Halloween costumes and are easier to doodle than drawing roses. Plus, as you’re about to find out, these little critters make precious mouse coloring pages.

Typically, we try to fill our coloring page collections with fun facts about the animals we present. This time, though, we decided to take a different route. To calm our restless minds (and not give anyone else the heebie-jeebies), perhaps a deep dive into famous mice is in order. While these coloring pages don’t feature famous mice imagery, we still wanted to look in that direction. Because let’s be honest, everyone remembers their favorite “celebrity” dogs and cats. But other than Walt Disney’s iconic mouse duo of Mickey and Minnie, few people can name even a handful of famous mice. So, your little rodent lover is sure to adore these coloring pages! And maybe this walk down mouser lane will serve up some ideas for new movies and cartoons to show your kiddo who has been obsessed with all things mouse-related since the first time they laid eyes on the inimitable Mickey Mouse.

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Free Printable Mouse Coloring Pages

Mouse No. 1

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This little guy reminds us of a young version of Rizzo the Rat from the Muppets. Remember Rizzo? A streetwise rat, he talked with a New Jersey accent and hated heights. In other words, he turned out to be a total scene-stealer! Here’s a fun fact about mice: They may be small but they eat about 2o to 30 times a day! And odds are you might now be the only one seeing a little critter in your home. Mice and other little creatures invade 21 million homes a year!

Mouse No. 2

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Despite their diabolical plans for world domination, we couldn’t help rooting for Pinky and The Brain. Believe it or not, Steven Spielberg produced the series in which these mice starred (or at least his production company did). The concept was straightforward but fantastic: Two lab mice attempt to take over the planet but always end up foiled — usually by themselves! We think this guy sort of looks like Pinky, AKA the less evil of this mouse duo. Those animated mice probably lived for decades but real mice have a much shorter lifespan. Wild mice usually live for about five months because predators usually get to them. But in protected spaces like a lab, they usually live up to two years.

Mouse No. 3

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Slap a mustache and aviator hat on this guy, and he could be a relative of one of our all-time favorite mice: Rescue Rangers‘ Monterey Jack. We’re big Monty fans! From his Australian accent to his caring relationships with Gadget and Zipper, he’s a lovable guy. As the oldest and physically largest Rescue Rangers member, he plays both the guardian and the muscle. Real mice are much less adorable. They’re great at spreading disease and can carry almost 200 human pathogens. (So gross…)

Mouse No. 4

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If you ask us, this could be Remi from Disney’s Ratatouille. What gives it away? We imagine he’s about to use those wheat husks to prepare some fabulous dish. OK, OK — technically, Remi is a rat. But he’s the most adorable rat we know! And he cooks better than we do, so he’s also got that going for him. But did you know mice aren’t really potty trained? They just poop as they travel and release about 40 to 100 droppings each day. (We love Remi, but that’s not very sanitary!)

Mouse No. 5

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When we see a mouse in a tophat, we can’t help but think of Disney’s Dumbo. Sure, this animated classic is mainly about the flying elephant. However, we can’t ignore the presence of Timothy Q. Mouse. Timothy Mouse is Dumbo’s best friend-slash-mentor and a pivotal part of the original story. He might be small, but his support for Dumbo proves mighty. You can spot Timothy when visiting Disney Parks, and he makes cameo appearances in multiple Disney films.

Mouse No. 6

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With a face as sweet as this, how could this fellow not remind us of the prim and proper mouse known at Stuart Little? While the E.B. White book told the story of a boy who looked like a mouse, we love the film adaptations. Starring Geena Davis and Hugh Laurie, they depict the adoption of an actual mouse. Stuart has amazing and often terrifying (for a mouse) adventures with his new, loving human family. It’s a great way to remind your kiddos you love them no matter what or who they are.

Mouse No. 7

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Let’s be real: Without her fairy godmother and rodent friends, Cinderella would be toast. Or, at the very least, still covered in cinders. With the help of the industrious Jaq and well-meaning Gus Gus, Cinderella sees her whole life transform. The bippity-boppity beauty of Fairy Godmother gets all the credit, but we see past her to the little guys. Did you know the first Cinderella story was told in first century B.C.? Cinderella is truly a classic tale!

Mouse No. 8

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Jerry, of Tom and Jerry, may very well be the most mischievous mouse on Earth. It’s easy to put all the blame on Tom — after all, he eclipses Jerry in size. But the truth remains that Jerry straight-up teases and torments the cranky cat relentlessly. The rambunctious pair were originally named Jasper and Jinx, but were eventually named after the cocktail, Tom and Jerry instead.

Mouse No. 9

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While there are plenty of very cool aspects to An American Tail (as well as all the other Fievel movies), we especially appreciate the heritage. At the start of the story, we see Fievel and his family at his native home in Russia, where they’re celebrating Hanukkah. Sure, Fievel is a mouse, which you may not think checks the boxes for representation and inclusion. However, Fievel is a minority who also becomes an immigrant. So, this character could be a fantastic way to start some seriously cool conversations about culture and diversity with little ones.

Mouse No. 10

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Chuck E. Cheese’s furry rodent mascot may not have a movie or television show about him, but that hasn’t stopped him from being wildly famous. Chuck (whose full name is Charles Entertainment Cheese) might even get more excitement from your kids than Mickey. Why? Pizza and games, of course. Interesting fact: Chuck’s official backstory includes the fact he’s an orphan.

Mouse No. 11

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Some people may see mice as pests, but they’re also incredibly interesting. Did you know they were first cloned in 1998? Without mice, scientists would not be where they are today in terms of vaccinations and in vitro fertilization.

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