Netflix's Bonkers Dating Show Is 'Love Is Blind' But With Animal Prosthetics

by Madison Vanderberg

Netflix’s new dating show Sexy Beasts has daters dressing up like animals

Last year, the world fell in love with Netflix’s dating show Love Is Blind, where contestants dated one another through a wall to prove if love is truly blind. Now, Netflix is upping the ante (and the insanity) as it just revealed its latest series is Sexy Beasts, a different kind of blind dating show wherein daters will be transformed into animals and monsters using incredibly realistic prosthetics. Dressed like pandas and scarecrows and beavers, the daters go to bars and try to fall in love while, apparently, not being freaked out that their date is a frickin’ dolphin.

Netflix literally describes the show as “Love Is Blind meets The Masked Singer,” and honestly, who asked for this?

Follow up question? Will I binge the hell out of this insanity? Yes, hard yes.

The trailer for the show asks the question if you could “fall in love with someone based on personality alone?”

A tweet from Netflix added that the show allows “real-life singles [to] sport elaborate makeup and prosthetics and put true blind-date chemistry to the test.” Lol, is that the ONLY way to find out if you truly love “the person inside”? By making them look like a mouse on all their dates?


Though not related to the Fox singing show, aside from the general premise of disguising oneself, I’m guessing Netflix saw the popularity of The Masked Singer and was like, Hold my beer. After all, there is also a Masked Dancer show, so I guess the “masked reality show” economy is really thriving. What else can we throw masks on? Masked Top Chef?

The other best/weirdest thing about this bonkers show is that it’s narrated by bizarro comedian and Twitter personality Rob Delaney. I feel like Netflix is just going all-in on the absurdity, and I respect that.


The UK Netflix Twitter account tweeted out a series of photos from the show with the ubiquitous “presented without commentary” as the caption, and touche Netflix, touche.

Gizmodo thinks Netflix is trying to take advantage of people’s interest in *adult content* in the “furry” category, but this doesn’t seem like it’s at all related to the sexual kink. It just seems like a batshit idea for a dating show.

Towards the end of the show, the daters eventually take off their animal heads and get to see what their significant others actually look like. And thank god. Unclear if the show ends in a proposal like the equally deranged Love Is Blind did, or if the show is simply engineered to help an owl fall in love with a devil. I guess we’ll find out as Sexy Beasts premieres on Netflix on July 21, 2021.