UCLA Gymnast's Beyonce Tribute Floor Routine Is Going Viral

by Cassandra Stone
Gymnast Nia Dennis Nails Her Beyonce-Filled Floor Routine
Pac-12 Networks/Youtube

UCLA gymnast Nia Dennis’s flawless floor routine was set to only Beyoncé songs and it SLAYED

When it comes to flawless performances from extremely talented gymnasts, it seems like UCLA is the place to be. This time, gymnast Nia Dennis is slaying the floor routine game with her all-Beyoncé inspired performance that’s now going viral. Also? The audience reaction is everything.

The UCLA junior is a shining star, it cannot be denied. Her viral Beyoncé moment deserves absolutely all of the praise and then some. She mashed up several of Beyoncé’s classic instrumentals, including “Lose My Breath” and “Crazy in Love.”

Watch it for yourself and you’ll be screaming right along with her teammates because it’s just that good.

According to ESPN.com, Dennis scored a 9.975/10 on the routine (she was ROBBED of that perfect 10, let me tell you). It was one of the highest-performing numbers of the night, though. And the best part of all of it? The competition and performance all went down on Dennis’s 21st birthday. What. A. Moment.


“I am overwhelmed with happiness and joy, thank you, everyone, for such positive messages, it means the world to me to have your support. this is so surreal I can’t even believe it! much love always,” Dennis posted to Twitter after getting a huge response to her performance.

The reactions alone are almost — almost — as good as the performance itself.


The last time a gymnastic routine like this went viral, it was also thanks to the kick-ass performance of a UCLA gymnast. Katelyn Ohashi made major internet waves last year after debuting a Michael Jackson routine that left people speechless.

In 2013, she won the American Cup beating teammate Simone Biles, and we all know what Biles went on to accomplish. Ohashi explains the pressure she was once under from fans saying she “wasn’t good enough” to worrying over her diet. But once she discovered the UCLA team and her coach, Valorie Kondos Field, that all changed.

“It took me finding Ms. Val [Kondos Field] and UCLA and having a different goal and path to follow, to finally find joy and love within the sport again,” Ohashi shares, adding, “I haven’t been able to feel this type of happiness in a long time.”


As for Dennis’s UCLA meet, well, Utah ended up winning by a the skin of their teeth (198.075-198.025). But it’s pretty clear who the real winner is here, right? Our Lord and Savior Beyoncé would clearly approve.