You Can Count On These 11 Number Coloring Pages For Some Serious Fun

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Number Coloring Pages
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Numbers are pretty crucial for a toddler to master. Sure, nobody expects children to be mathematicians before they’re potty trained, but still — counting up to 20 (and beyond!) is an incredible skill. And when you need backup in the counting practice department, you want an easy DIY activity that’s so much fun your kiddo won’t even realize they’re learning. Well, with number coloring pages, you and your kids can learn more about numbers and colors simultaneously while having a blast, too.

Number coloring pages can also be an entertaining at-home activity for adults. Every adult has their favorite number or lucky number, right? Perhaps coloring it in as a form of stress relief before an important day or big decision will add (#NumberPunsGalore) extra luck.

So, go ahead — multiply your whole family’s fun quotient with the following 10 free number coloring pages.

Free Printable Number Coloring Pages

Number Page No. 1

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Remember how we mentioned combining colors and numbers? This coloring page also factors in animals! Granted, it may be a few slight details, but never before have numbers been so cute. These would look great colored in light pastels (if you’re looking for inspiration). Fun fact: The word hundred doesn’t actually mean 100. It comes from an Old Norse word called “hundrath” which means 120 or “long hundred.”

Number Page No. 2

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If you’re trying to prep your toddler for school, this number coloring page may be a great option. Teachers might not commonly use chalkboards to get points across as they did back in the ’80s, ’90s, and early ’00s — but they’re still a staple in every classroom. This page also factors in math signs, such as plus and minus, making this page perfect for parents who want to introduce them to their little learners. To help get your little ones started, here’s a pop quiz question: Do you know which number is the only even prime number? The answer is two!

Number Page No. 3

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What better way to introduce the concept of counting than with cats? If you don’t happen to have five cats at home already (which is either a joy or a nightmare, depending on who you talk to), this coloring page will make it seem like you do. Encourage your kiddo to give each cat its own coloration and personality. Keep the feline fun going after the fact with our cat coloring pages. Did you know many cats are actually lactose intolerant? Although the common assumption is that they all love milk, some cats can’t stomach it.

Number Page No. 4

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Trying to teach someone the basics of math? This coloring page may serve well. If you’re looking to educate, color each number and symbol in a different color so that they all stand out. Or you can jazz it up by using varied mediums to make each one shine even more.

Number Page No. 5

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These fun, cartoonish numbers would look fantastic in bold reds, blues, and greens. If you’re quietly counting down the hours at work, you can make that time more fun by shading one number every time an hour passes. Here’s a funny data point: Did you know that imaginary numbers exist? These numbers are the square root of negative numbers and usually written as i or j. That’s a pretty weird math lesson, right?

Number Page No. 6

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This page almost looks like a repeat of Number Page No. 2 — but it isn’t! So, why not turn it into a dynamic educational exercise? Have your little one try to count the differences between the two pages.

Number Page No. 7

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Want to color in some numbers with a bit of razzle-dazzle? Well, you’re in luck. This set of numbers is a blast for plenty of reasons. Based on their shadows, they stand out on their own a bit better than most. In fact, a coloring page like this may look best with highlighters. So, if you have a bunch on your desk, this coloring page might serve as a fantastic post-lunch project.

Number Page No. 8

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Do you know someone with a 6-year-old birthday coming up? Print out a few of these coloring pages! They’d make for excellent party decor or a nice activity for the get-together. You can also print out a couple and create your own wrapping paper for gifts if you’re feeling crafty.

Number Page No. 9

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Or maybe the birthday kid is turning 7! This classy coloring page is also very flower-heavy and would make for a great birthday activity. Another bright idea? Turn the page into a homemade birthday card.

Number Page No. 10

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Did you wish for a flower coloring page for “8”? We aim to please. (And technically, if you combine the two, you could also create coloring pages for seniors, who’d also love to see your artistic skills.) Try printing out a few and see how many flower color combinations you can whip up. If you want to practice shading, this would also look beautiful in black and white.

Number Page No. 11

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Did you know there are about 86,400 seconds in one day? That means it takes the earth 1,440 minutes to rotate around the sun! When we think about time that way, it seems like a lot!

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