The 'O-Shot' Will Take Your Orgasms To The Next Level

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Let’s face it: having kids, aging, our busy lives, and not knowing what day it is are pretty big cock-blockers. In the depths of our mind, we all long to have the juicy sex we used to have when we were younger or first met our partners, but things tend to change as our families grow. Having a mind-blowing orgasm might not be at the top of our list except when we are feeling really randy, or we look at the calendar and realize it’s been months since we’ve had a nice full-bodied O.

I’d never heard of the “Orgasm Shot” for women until recently, but you better believe as soon as I did I wanted all the deets. Because really, anything that can boost an orgasm deserves a bit of research, wouldn’t you say?

Not to mention I don’t know how many women I’ve talked to these days who say they wish they had the same sex drive they used to, or how since becoming a mother they feel like their libido has taken a massive hit. Maybe having stronger more intense orgasms would boost our mood more often? Or at least take our minds off the daily stressors, so we can keep our mind sexy time.

I had so many questions: What is the “O-shot”? Does it hurt? And how can we get those juices flowing in our vaginas in all the right ways? Well… we have the answers.

Scary Mommy talked with Robin Evans, M.D., a board-certified dermatologist in private practice located in Stamford, Connecticut, who says she performs this shot on the regular so word must be getting around. But the first order of business is, what exactly happens because this sounds like it would hurt like a mother?

Evans explains the procedure “consists of injecting PRP, or platelet rich plasma, into the vaginal area for various indications.” You simply have blood drawn, then the platelet-rich plasma is extracted and injected into the treated area (in this case, the vagina).

Now, injecting something into my vagina doesn’t appeal to me in the least, but hold on. Evans reports, “the procedure itself is very quick and non-invasive.” A topical anesthetic is applied to the area before injecting, and the procedure is “virtually painless,” she says.

Why are platelets so magical, and why do we want to inject them into our body, much less our vagina? Evans explains while platelets are the clotting cells of the body, they have additional properties, “including stimulating stem cells and growth factors, all of which can result in rejuvenation.”

So, this doesn’t just make your sexy time better — this method can do a world of good for other parts of the body. It was first introduced in orthopedics and is widely used to help treat professional athletes by being injected into their joints, and can also help with hair loss when injected into the scalp.

So, what will you get out of the “O” shot?


First, your orgasms will probably get a hell of a lot better. I don’t know many people who’d turn that down. If given the choice between a slice of apple pie or a warm piece of apple pie a la mode, I’m thinking most of us would choose the latter.

But hold up, because that isn’t all it can do; a vagina injection won’t just make your orgasm better, it can increase your ability to have them — including vaginal orgasms which a lot of women don’t experience. It’s like giving yourself a sexual super power, yes please. Not to mention the shot can help decrease vaginal dryness and bladder leakage.

I like my vagina right now, but can I just say if getting a virtually painless shot can do all this for me here, take my money and inject away.

To sweeten your pot, er, I mean the pot, Evans says results for some women can be very dramatic and really enhance their orgasms.

“I had one woman’s boyfriend come to my office to personally give me a hug,” she says.

You may possibly notice a difference immediately after the procedure is complete or within a few weeks, and results last for six months to a year.

If your orgasms aren’t what they used to be, it can get in the way of intimacy, for sure. I mean, it makes it pretty hard to get in the mood and expel the energy it takes to have sex if you aren’t really getting much out of it. We all like to please our partners, but we want ours too, and we should be having the best orgasms of our life. If a quick, painless procedure can be the solution (not to mention how excited it can make your partner), it sounds like a great solution.

As for me, a woman who has never experienced a vaginal orgasm, ever, my curiosity is piqued. So if you need me, I’ll be getting some blood drawn and injected to my special place.

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