Shower Beer Has Arrived, Because Why Not?

by Valerie Williams
Image via Skansk

If you’re more of a beer mom, get excited

Welcome to 2017, where purveyors of fun alcohol products are finally acknowledging that women might want something adorable to drink other than wine. A Swedish company has a product guaranteed to make your pre-going-out showers a little bit buzzy, and it’s just what all the non-wine moms deserve.

Shower beer is here, ladies. Because, why the hell not?

Swedish brewery PangPang has partnered with creative agency Skansk to bring us Shower Beer, a brew specifically designed to fit into the shower part of your get-ready routine. The product debuted on marketing site Behance, selling out instantly at its first release party, and for those of you asking, “Aren’t all beers shower beers?” here’s your answer: no.

Image via Skansk

A regular beer is 12 ounces, which can take a while to down as you shower, where you’re presumably busy doing shower-y things like washing your hair, shaving from the knees down (because, let’s be real) and lathering up your 2000 parts. That can make drinking a whole beer difficult and also, increases the chances it’ll get warm from the steam, unless you shotgun it (nice). Shower Beer comes in a six-ounce bottle, but packs the power of a 12-ounce beer. It’s a 10% ABV pale ale, so in just three-ish gulps, you’ll get the same buzz as drinking a regulation-sized brew.

Plus, hello, it’s freaking precious.

The bottle is designed to fit in a shower caddy, but is still made of glass, so proceed with caution. I know when I guzzle grown-up beverages in the shower, I tend to use a plastic cup so there’s no risk of slippage resulting in a shower floor full of broken glass, but I’m confident this teeny brewski can be consumed quickly enough that there’s not much room for error. Even for a klutz like me.

And of course, just because this baby beer is marketed to women getting ready to go out doesn’t mean it can’t be momma’s little helper for any old stressful day. If you’re in need of a slight break from the kids and wanting a mini-buzz, this is the beer for you. In or out of the shower. Or, hiding in the bathroom with the door locked, as many of us are with all things we eat or drink that we don’t plan on sharing.

Unfortunately, Shower Beer isn’t available in the U.S. just yet, but the brewery is looking to expand sales to other countries, so hopefully, we won’t have to wait much longer!