Disney Releases New 'Olaf' Song For Frozen Fans Missing Their Loved Ones

by Leah Groth
Disney Releases New 'Olaf' Song For Frozen Fans Missing Their Loved Ones
Disney Animation/Twitter

In a new song, Josh Gad (aka Olaf from “Frozen”) will help your children make sense of social distancing stressors

Attempting to explain the COVID-19 pandemic to children and why they aren’t able to leave the house or see their friends or loved ones can be seriously difficult. However, when one of the most beloved characters from their favorite Disney movies sings it to them in a catchy song, the message can be a little more digestible. Luckily, a few of the Frozen songwriters are using the current health crisis as inspiration for a new song courtesy of Olaf, known in real life as actor Josh Gad.

The adorable snowman’s new tune, “I Am With You,” was released this week, and it’s all about helping children understand that despite being apart from others physically, we can all be there for each other in spirit.

The incredibly infectious tune was penned by two Frozen songwriters Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez and performed by Josh Gad, who plays Olaf in the film’s franchise. Another cool thing about it, is that while most songs are recorded in a studio, this one was produced and recorded all at home while social distancing.

The accompanying music video is all sorts of Disney amazingness, featuring all of our favorite Disney friends. Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Moana, and characters from Lady & the Tramp, Tarzan, Dumbo, and 101 Dalmatians are just a few who make appearances in the heart-warming montage.

The video centers on Olaf, who is writing a letter to someone who he has been separated from. In the note he tells his loved one, “who cares abouts our wheresabouts, I’m here and you are there, but I’m with you and I care.”

Disney has clearly been doing their part in easing the stress of quarantine. From their incredibly popular Disney Family Singalongs and releasing Frozen 2 on Disney+ months earlier than planned to giving us extras like the a behind-the-scenes look at Frozen 2 and Frozen shorts made at home, their contributions have been incredibly helpful for keeping children — and children at heart — thoroughly entertained while staying home.