14 Things You Probably Need If You've Caught The KonMari Bug

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So, you’ve done it. You’ve rid your home of items that don’t “spark joy.” Your heart is light and your soul is filled with gratitude.

But you’ve realized that maintaining a KonMari level of tidiness is going to require some tools. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite organizational products to help you maintain your joy-sparking possessions and display your beloved mementos.

1. Rotating Makeup Organizer


Because you need to keep your countertop clear, but you can’t just stick your makeup in a drawer. You use it daily and need to be able to access it quickly. Also, it’s pretty.

2. Cosmetics Case Display


On the other hand, if you do like your cosmetics tucked away, this case is positively gorgeous and can sit on your countertop, dresser, or you could even stash it in a cabinet, though we think it’s too pretty to hide away.

3. Two-Tier Lazy Susan Turntable


Because some items always ends up shoved in the back and forgotten. For spices or office supplies or a nice assortment of chocolate. Sparking joy is really the point here, right?

4. Shadow Box Frame


Because, as Marie herself recommends, our most beloved sentimental items shouldn’t be shoved in a box and forgotten. Display your memories with this pretty frame.

5. Grid Organizer



Um, these are genius. They’re made to stick in a laptop case or carry-on but are so incredibly versatile we want to stick them all over the house to keep random tiny things in order.

6. Drawer Organizer


Because you LOVE Marie’s method for folding clothes so they stand up all nice and neat and visible, and you want your undies to look as orderly as your T-shirts and jeans with as little effort as possible.

7. Plastic Organizers


I mean these can literally be used for anything. We wouldn’t be surprised if Marie has these in her own house.

8. Under-Cabinet Drawers


Because that one cabinet under the kitchen sink is always trying to become a hot mess. Problem solved.

9. Reusable Chalkboard Labels


Stop it. Just stop it. These are adorable and you can stick them on just about anything and they’re reusable. *Throws them in the cart*

10. 3-Drawer Storage Cart


Obviously, you’ll label these drawers with the reusable chalkboard labels.

11. Magnetic Storage Baskets


For your office white board or the fridge–maintain your spark of joy by keeping your desk and counter surfaces clutter-free.

12. Cabinet/Pantry Organizer


Because there is nothing joyful about digging out your large saucepan that’s nested under the other two sizes and having all the clatter wake the baby.

13. Floating Bookshelves


I mean obviously your books spark joy so you didn’t throw them out. Voilà, now they’re art.

14. Shoe Organizer


I actually already own this one–we have it set up in the garage right next to the door that leads into the house. When the kids remember to put their shoes on it, it’s handy AF (and we fastened it to the wall so it’s super sturdy).

And now you have everything you need to maintain that KonMari spark of joy. Happy tidying!

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